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James Gunn Reveals Shocking Fact About Marvel’s Infinity Saga

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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On the weekend a A Twitter user with the cool name Revolver Ocelot. (It’s never too late to make a good Metal Gear reference) James Gunn asked, “You already knew how this story would end when Marvel’s Guardians was proposed, right? [would] take place in Infinity War and Endgame, about the death of Thanos and Gamora, [and] like this [would] influence characters such as Quill, Nebula or Drax in Vol. 3, etc.?”

In response, Gunn tweeted: “I didn’t know much when I pitched. And I didn’t know what was going to happen in IW and Endgame (The Infinity Stones weren’t even part of the MCU until AFTER my first draft of Volume 1). But once I wrote that I know the arcs of all the main characters, except for Gamora, who has changed.

Thus, Gunn had no idea that one or more of his beloved Guardians might be killed off by another group of writers and directors sometime in the future. It’s also interesting to note that the stones weren’t even part of his original script, and yet the Power Stone (purple) is heavily featured in the final product.

This reminds us of two things. First, this is reminiscent of the words of Marvel President Kevin Feige, who once said that creatives should focus on making a serious film first before worrying about how it will be integrated into the wider universe (his exact words can be found at www.marvel.com). Crib). Secondly, it goes to show just how hilariously unprepared Feige and his team were for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to go mainstream. However, in this case, given how unprecedented the process was, they deserved a little reprieve.

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