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How young Sheldon is changing fans’ minds about Sheldon’s parents

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Going to the r/YoungSheldon subreddit, u / Snow Pearl started the conversation by saying that they started the Young Sheldon series by really disliking Sheldon’s father, George, due to the prejudices set in The Big Bang Theory, but have now started to view Mary as the lousy parent and George as the best of the two. They added, “There is a misconception that he is a bad father/husband in both YS and TBBT, but maybe it’s because Mary constantly turned him around. A few times Mary didn’t dominate the whole family (like when she got drunk during her faith crisis or something), George actually did a fantastic job of taking care of everyone. All in all, he’s a bit of a cute nerd and I like that. a pedestal to follow the TBBT canon.”

Others also thought about Sheldon’s parents. u/MR_System saying that George makes them genuinely happy, while Mary is starting to get pretty tired. u/True-Internal4833 was also not a big fan of Mary and said that they frequently rewind her roles in Young Sheldon. u/Sitcom_kid noted that George is known to be a complete jerk in The Big Bang Theory, while in Young Sheldon he is a pretty good guy and it seems like they are two different characters. u/JSmellerM made the bold statement that if “Young Sheldon” did kill George (which should happen, according to the events recounted in The Big Bang Theory), the show would end.

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