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How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Simon Helberg reacted to a possible Howard spin-off

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In an interview with Newsweek, Simon Helberg revealed that there was never any talk of a Howard Wolowitz prequel series, and he would like it to stay that way. He said, “I’m glad everyone had the sense not to try and make more of me on television.” However, if Howard was to get a spin-off series, Helberg had some unique ideas, including “Old Howard”, “Dead Howard” and, his particular favorite, “Undead Howard”.

Although a series centered on Howard isn’t coming soon (or most likely never), many fans won’t mind such a concept if his best friend Raj is involved. on reddit, y/ibrahimazamlz offered a prequel about how Howard and Raj’s friendship was born. U / Lissongreen called for a sequel to The Big Bang Theory, in which Bernadette leaves her husband.

Numerous other storylines have been introduced by fans, such as the further exploration of outer space, the Howard and Raj pairing, a spin-off featuring the children of the main cast, and a Howard and Raj cartoon. If Chuck Lorre ever decides to bring Howard’s series to life, he’ll have plenty of storylines to choose from.

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