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How Harry Potter fans feel about the adaptation of the series

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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In the Boy-Who-Lived subreddit, you/alfador75 said: “Even though Harry Potter has a movie, I think it needs … a TV series. There were too many cuts made from books that took the wizarding world away. [into] show…we [could] see cool moments from the book, like Nearly Headless Nick’s Halloween party or the school kitchen when the group found Winky.”

Now fans of the novels know that this redditor only mentioned a fraction of the common examples that could be listed. Entire arcs were cut out for the movies – Hermione led an entire group of house elves liberation (although SPEW was written for laughs, it was incredibly progressive), Gilderoy Lockhart spent years at St. Mungo’s for magical illnesses and injuries, and let’s not forget Peeves the Poltergeist. . . The latter has appeared in every book, but never in the films.

And, of course, the films needed to streamline the story for viewing purposes, but there will certainly be an audience for a complete visual adaptation of Harry Potter. However, considering how Warner Bros. Juggling the Harry Potter franchise between streaming platforms, why the studio’s explanations of Batgirl’s cancellation sound lame, and how they recently decided that fandom-focused content is for brothers only (via Mary Sue), there is little room for faith.

So, this is a fun fantasy for the foreseeable future, but hardly expected.

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