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CSI fans have noticed a major change in Sarah’s character in CSI: Vegas

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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According to longtime viewersthe main difference between Sara Sidle in the original CSI series compared to the character’s portrayal in the CSI: Vegas reboot is that she is now much calmer and more mature, with fans referencing her marriage to Grissom and veteran status on the CSI team as reasons why.

“Now she has more composure,” Redditor explained. you/clover426 in the October 2021 discussion thread. “I’m unbending, loyal to Sara Stan for life, but in some moments in the original it was difficult for her to like – even I, as a girl, calmed down and let go of the moment,” the Reddit user added. “She’s older, wiser.” Another man, u / AutumnalSunshinesaid, “I think the character and the actress have matured. I immediately noticed that not every phrase was spoken with a rising note (as if it were a question), which is already a good change.

As for CSI: Vegas, Jorja Fox told reporters that playing Sarah in that performance would have been a lot more fun, seeing as the character got his storybook ending at the end of the original CSI and was now happily married. “We didn’t get to play relationships that much on screen,” Fox told the Chicago Tribune in October 2021. “We’re coming as a married couple and that’s how we play it, so it’s really fun.” Despite such an explosion, Fox revealed in January 2022 that she would not be returning to CSI: Vegas for the second season after William Petersen announced that he would be doing the same. “After much deliberation, I decided not to get hooked on CSI Vegas,” the actor said in an interview. tweet. “For me, CSI has always been a love story,” Fox said. “A story about how people can find love in the darkest places and times. And a story about how love, even in the darkest places and times, can expand, take root, and survive. Personally, I just can’t separate Sarah and Grissom. again. So goes Grissom… So goes Sarah. Wherever they go, they must be together.”

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