Why the Corinthian from Netflix’s The Sandman looks so familiar


Widely considered one of best superhero movies ever made, Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the adamantium-infused hero of the X-Men franchise is also home to one of the best henchmen in Donald Pierce Holbrook. A longtime comic book foe, James Mangold’s revered X-Men ending depicts Pierce as the master mobster hunting down Laura Daphne Keene, the daughter of our favorite mutant hero.

Showcasing a performance that makes you almost wish he was also somehow cast as Gambit, Pierce – a grinning thorn in Logan’s side – is a character who has an unsettling respect for the worn Weapon X he crosses paths with, in some way. moment even mentioning to myself as a fan. “Donald is very fond of Logan, or even a little fond of him,” Holbrook explained in an interview. interview with CONSTRUCTION, saying, “I wanted to refrain from saying, ‘Oh, here comes the bad guy.’ It’s not really that much fun, so I tried to give it as much personality and life as possible.”

In the X-Men’s pantheon of enemies, Holbrook’s metal-wielding antagonist stands apart as a more down-to-earth thug compared to other great, world-conquering criminals like Magneto and Apocalypse. He could be the “bad guy” but there’s no denying he was great when it came to Logan.