Thomas Webster IV an ex-cop, Where is he now?

Thomas Webster

An episode of “Dateline: What Ever Happened to Anton Black?” from NBC. explores the harsh racial and policing realities of the country through the tragic death of a black child in 2018. Since Anton died while being held near his family’s home in Greensboro, Maryland, there has a reason why this case has often been compared to that of George Floyd (2020). We now have the information you need to learn more about Thomas Webster, the main officer involved, with a focus on both his damaged career and his current position.

Thomas Webster: Who is he?

Although Thomas Webster IV was widely criticized after Anton Black’s death in September 2018, the neighborhood had been questioning his actions for months. Indeed, although he had publicly fought a second-degree assault charge a few years earlier, he was hired by the Greensboro Police Department in February of that year. It was in 2013 when the then Dover, Delaware corporal was legally charged with fracturing an unarmed black man’s jaw during a gunpoint arrest by giving him a kick in the face.

Despite dashcam footage of the entire event, a jury found Thomas not guilty in December 2015. However, the department quickly ruled that Thomas’ employment, which was set to expire in June 2016, would not be renewed. He received a total of $230,000 in severance pay in exchange for being placed on administrative leave and ordered never to apply for a job with the Dover government. Even though Thomas was prohibited from entering local police structures or coming into contact with officers, it only took him two years to find a job in Greensboro.

Thomas was appointed to his job as a Maryland civil servant in April 2018, shortly after the city manager named him the “best qualified” candidate because he had no prior record as he had been found innocent. So, sadly, it took Anton Black’s death five months later to reveal important details about his ten years of employment at Dover, including almost 30 reports of excessive use of force. In the agent’s request for statewide certification, these cases would not even have been raised, let alone fully clarified, at the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Where is Thomas Webster now?

Before the Maryland Police Commission permanently decertified Thomas Webster on July 26, 2019, there was a thorough review of his past after all of his details began to surface. After Anton’s death (around January), he was placed on administrative leave; nevertheless, it was not until July that he was completely banned from acting in any capacity as a law enforcement official. But it’s important to note that Thomas is simply facing a federal civil case brought against him by Anton’s family; he was neither detained nor charged for anything.

Thomas has since chosen to keep his distance from the public spotlight, so we don’t know much about him in regards to his current whereabouts. It’s been reported that he’s back in Delaware and employed by the state in maintenance, but it’s still unclear exactly what that job entails, where he is, or anything else on his personal life. The Black family tenaciously pursues some responsibility, but Thomas doesn’t seem to have told anyone about what happened on that fatal evening of September 15, 2018.