Is Sky Sports’ Kelly Cates pregnant? Fans suspect they saw a baby bump in the recent episode

Kelly Cates

Kelly Cates returns to Sky Sports as the new football season kicks off. She will comment on the meeting between Lyon and Ajaccio, as well as Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville.

Since April last year, persistent rumors have been circulating on the Internet that the presenter is expecting a child.

Let’s find out more about the Sky Sports presenter, including whether or not she is pregnant, as well as other news about her daughter and her love life.

Is Sky Sports’ Kelly Cates pregnant?

There are persistent rumors that Sky Sports presenter Kelly Cates is expecting a child, and the news has driven her devoted fan base completely wild.

In April last year, during her interview with Manchester United, rumors started circulating that the journalist might be expecting a child as she appeared to have gained some weight.

Since then, there have been persistent rumors that Cates is expecting a child, but fans have become desensitized to the point that they don’t care anymore. A member on Twitter said the following: “There is absolutely no way Kelly Cates is still pregnant. The lack of it. At least three different seasons” Another user commented that it looks like Kelly Cates has been pregnant for around nine years, not nine months as she previously said.

Due to the fact that the Sky News presenter hasn’t commented on the news or her recent divorce from her ex-husband, reports that she is pregnant are likely nothing more than baseless assumptions based on her looks.

Kelly Dalglish has two daughters

Speculation that Kelly Dalglish is pregnant may not be true, but the presenter already has two adorable children with ex-husband Tom Cates. Their names are Milla and Gabriella.

Milla, the youngest of his two daughters, is nine years old, while Gabriella, the eldest of his daughters, is 12 years old. Her children are quite gorgeous and it is clear that they derive their beauty from their mother.

Kelly married TV producer Tom Cates in 2007 and the couple divorced in 2021. After the separation, she opened up about her post-divorce life and how she was looking for a new relationship.

She was forced to rely on dating apps due to the oncoming outbreak after meeting people in real life at public gatherings. As a 45-year-old divorcee, she has expressed her animosity towards dating apps.

It wouldn’t be natural for a beautiful woman like Kelly to be left alone despite the challenges, so admirers think she’s seeing someone new. Despite the challenges, it wouldn’t be natural for an attractive woman like Kelly to still be single.

Sky Sports host height measurements

The appearance of Kelly Dalglish Cates leads us to believe that she is around 5 feet and 6 inches tall. When hosting sports parties, she stands out from the crowd due to her towering stature and stunning appearance.

She is best known as the daughter of great football player and manager, Sir Kenny Dalglish, and has worked as a broadcaster for Sky Sports for almost six years.

Cates attributed her passion for the sport to her father, an athlete, and often talked about how she learned the sport from her father. She is employed by Sky Sports, ESPN and Radio 5 Live in addition to these three companies.

Recently, a video showing her walking away from another Sky Sports host as a minor revenge skit for her earlier incident of ignoring him became popular on TikTok. The video was posted in response to being ignored by him in the past.

Kelly has come a long way since being recognized as the daughter of a great player. These days, she is known as a television pundit and personality, and she has made a name for herself by making her children and parents proud.