Is A Dangerous Case based on a true story? Location and Distribution Explained

A Dangerous Affair

Is A Dangerous Case based on a true story? Location and Distribution Explained

Lifetime’s “A Dangerous Affair,” also known as “Her Obsession,” is a romantic thriller film directed by Christie Will Wolf and centered on pilates instructor Amelie Didot. Amélie moves to new premises and opens her own studio following a difficult divorce. Amélie quickly finds herself in a passionate relationship with British media mogul Pierce Dalton as his business begins to succeed. Fran Gibbons, who was Pierce’s ex-girlfriend, is still obsessed with him and desperate to rekindle their relationship.

The Lifetime movie was praised by many viewers for its gripping plot and skillful acting. While many people noticed the realistic aspects of the film, others couldn’t help but appreciate its visual appeal. Naturally, many people want to know if the movie is based on a true story and where it was shot. Well, we are here to provide the same answer!

Is there a true story of A Dangerous Affair?

No, “A Dangerous Affair” is not a fictional account of a real event. Christie Will Wolf, whose past works include “Where Your Heart Belongs” and “Christmas Time Is Here,” wrote and directed the film. The Lifetime movie contains some aspects of reality despite being a fictional story. The main themes of the film, including passion, obsession, and grief, undoubtedly seem like inspirations from the real world. It’s easy to find situations that sound like “A Dangerous Affair” if you look at the headlines.

Consider the situation of Taffari Celestine, resident of Tucson, Arizona. Celestine, 24, reportedly traveled to Phoenix, Arizona on June 19, 2022, to take on her ex-girlfriend Danica Aiken, 29, and her new boyfriend, Eric Sands, 38. Celestine allegedly pulled out a gun after the disagreement heated up and shot Sands, killing the latter. Then Celestine dragged Aiken to her apartment and shot them both. The man apparently later committed suicide with the same weapon. A concerned neighbor who had witnessed the altercation in the front yard contacted the police. The incident caused Aiken’s 11-year-old daughter to lose her mother.

These terrible stories show how relationships and the resulting heartbreak can end in fatal ways. The real-life situations may not be as dramatic as those portrayed in “A Dangerous Affair,” but that doesn’t lessen their agony and sadness. Overall, it’s simple to connect Lifetime movie themes to real-world events.

A Dangerous Affair Filming Locations

The majority of “A Dangerous Affair” was filmed in Miami, Florida. 13 days were spent on principal photography for the film in March 2022. The film’s working title throughout production was “Her Obsession”. Let’s dig a little deeper into the specifics of the filming location.

Dolphin, Florida

The main production location of “A Dangerous Affair” was the city of Miami, Florida. The film was shot using the city’s beautiful backdrops and locations. A lavish house with a stunning swimming pool that serves as the backdrop for various sequences is a standout filming location. The cast and crew of the Christie Will Wolf-directed film seem to have had fun working on it. Several cast members posted on social media how pleased they were with the film and how much they enjoyed the experience.

Miami, located on the Atlantic coast, has long been a popular travel destination. The region is widely recognized for its rich cultural diversity and seaside lifestyle. The city’s thriving infrastructure contributes to its appeal to the general population. Miami offers a range of backdrops that filmmakers can use due to its beautiful waterfront surroundings and breathtaking skyline. Popular films such as “Father of the Bride” and “Baywatch” have been filmed in the city over the years.

Cast of A Dangerous Business

In “A Dangerous Affair”, the gifted Aubree Bouché plays Amélie Didot. She also wrote “Jay Shetty” and “Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking”, among others. Charlie Bewley, who plays Pierce Dalton, is with the actress. His roles in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” may have helped you recognize him. Fran Gibbons, played by Karlee Eldridge, completes the love triangle. Her other well-known movies include “Moon Manor” and “Brutal Bridesmaids.” Tanya Christiansen plays Barbara Gershwin, Jevon White plays Kip Green, Jessie Camacho plays Dr. Kneifel, and Jason Y. Neuman plays Shawn, among other prominent appearances in the film.