In Carter, who is Ha-Na? Why do the CIA and North Korea want her?


South Korean thriller “Carter,” directed by Byung-Gil Jung, stars Joo Won. Carter, a strange spy with no memory of his past, is at the center of the story. After learning of a deadly virus affecting Korea and the United States, Carter is forced into action. Carter discovers Ha-na, a little girl who is at the center of the scheme involving the three countries and the virus, as he searches for an antidote and information about her past. Here’s everything you need to know about Ha-na from Netflix’s “Carter” and why multiple forces are chasing her. Spoilers follow!

Who is Ha-Na in Carter on Netflix?

One of the main characters in “Carter” is Ha-na. Ha-na is portrayed in the film by actress Kim Bo-Min (“The Silent Sea”). In the Korean DMZ, a deadly virus has spread and left its scars. The virus that grants infected individuals superhuman agility and strength is difficult for North Koreans to handle. In some cases, the infection can even travel to South Korea and the United States.

A perilous mission is entrusted to amnesiac spy Carter in exchange for the restoration of his memories. He is tasked with finding Ha-na and delivering her to North Korea without incident. Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, who works at the Sinuiju Institute of Chemical Weapons, is Ha-na’s father. Byeong-ho is a key player in the study of the deadly virus. It is therefore not surprising that his daughter Ha-na is a key player in the plot.

Why do the CIA and North Korea want Ha-Na?

As the story progresses, viewers discover that Carter hatched the plan to track down and bring Ha-na to North Korea. Carter was identified as a South Korean agent when he and his family were apprehended in North Korea. As a result, he was forced to reach a compromise with North Korean Lieutenant General Kim Jong Hyeok. The agreement stipulates that Carter will search for Ha-na and take her to North Korea. Ha-na, however, was taken hostage by the CIA.

The virus was transmitted to North Korea without a cure, as seen in the film’s opening sequence. Ha’s father, Dr. Jung Byeong-ho of na, was able to rid her of the disease. Ha-na consequently produced antiviral antibodies. Simply put, his blood can be used to develop an antidote against the virus. But the CIA kidnaps Byeong’s daughter before he can cure Ha-blood. na Therefore, it is clear that the CIA is after Ha-na due to her importance in developing the antidote.

Given the complicated and serious circumstances caused by the virus in the United States, it’s possible the CIA will try to use Ha-na as leverage to get Byeong-ho to defect to her side. Accordingly, the antidote will be made available directly to the United States. Byeong-ho is imprisoned in the facility by North Korea, which is equally harsh in its search for the cure. Therefore, Ha-na is also desired by North Korea due to the antibodies in her blood. Ha-na is ultimately our best chance at creating a cure for the deadly virus. As a result, she is wanted by both the CIA and the North Korean intelligence agency in the film.