HIMYM Fans Agree This Season 6 Moment Shows Barney In His Very Real


One thing fans know about Barney Stinson is that he was raised by a single mother and spent his childhood and most of his adult life pretending that The Price Is Right’s Bob Barker was his real father.

In an episode of season 6 Barney joins his biological father (John Lithgow), whom he previously believed to be his funny “uncle” Jerry Whittaker, for dinner after being spurred on by his friends for the effort. He learns that Jerry has another family, including a son named after his father, and leaves in anger. Jerry follows him and Barney expresses his resentment that Jerry is a “suburban lame dad”. When Jerry asks why this upsets him, Barney explodes, “Why couldn’t you be that way for me?”

u/chickachickabowbow pointed out that the reason this scene with Barney is so powerful is because audiences are used to the character being over-dramatic about the most minor issues, such as a torn suit. When his voice cracks when he confronts Jerry, it’s “as if everything else he does is just hiding real sadness underneath, and it’s the only time in the entire series that it really comes to the surface.” Other viewers expressed the same opinion about the scene, including u/Ndmndh1016who said the moment proves how good Neil Patrick Harris is as an actor and that “you feel like everything Barney has ever done is summed up in that one line.”