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Fans of Cobra Kai surely have something to say about season 4 clothing

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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The fourth season of Cobra Kai sees the cast appearing in a variety of locations and events, each requiring a specific wardrobe choice. Some of them are formal, while others are random, no different from real conditions. However, according to fans like u/mzjolynecujoh on Reddit, the costume department messed up a lot of the characters in this series of episodes. “The worst part of Season 4 is the outfits,” they write, along with a few stills from the show that more than prove their point. As it turns out, they’re far from alone in their opinion, as some people agree that season 4’s costumes can be pretty gross.

While most strongly believe that the costumes for Season 4 of Cobra Kai aren’t the most eye-catching, they’re far from all together. Seasoned costume designer Frank Helmer spoke to Decisive everything that goes into a Cobra Kai wardrobe, detailing the importance of matching clothing for everyone in any given scene. He explains that cultural anthropology is the key to choosing costumes that will be most authentic for specific characters, so he puts himself in their place to do this. Helmer adds that it’s also important to make sure the clothing in question is fit for use during activities.

Functionally and in terms of who the characters are, the Cobra Kai season 4 outfits fit. However, whether they are fashionable is a completely different story.

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