Do we finally have a spin-off worthy of Predator?


Prey, which is streaming on Hulu, is easily the most impressive Predator spin-off we’ve seen to date. The first film in the Predator franchise, released over three decades ago, spawned a total of six sequels, each of which got progressively worse as it was followed by the one before it. The seventh installment, which acts as a prequel and tells a kind of origin story for the Predator, gives fans reason for optimism.

In the world of entertainment, where sequels and spinoffs have become commonplace and hit and miss, building a franchise out of every movie that’s at least reasonably well received, a precursor like Prey is hard to come by.

What is the connection between Prey and the Predator movies?

Naru, a young woman from the Comanche tribe keen to show off as a skilled warrior to her male counterparts who disdain her abilities, is the film’s protagonist. But she had no idea that her search would bring her face to face with a dangerous creature unlike anything she had ever seen or experienced.

Naru is an experienced warrior who is twice as vigilant as her fellow hunters and even tougher than she looks. As a result, Naru quickly recognizes there is a problem when one day an unknown person descends from the sky and begins following them and prowling the forest where they live.

Naru is bewildered and scared as the hitherto unseen predator finally reveals itself by ripping apart a grizzly bear killing him. She is unfamiliar with this monstrosity, which is armed with advanced technology and possesses talents beyond those of humans. On the other hand, this is not the case for those who have already seen the legendary Predator and any of its sequels.

The Predator’s backstory is revealed in the movie Prey. This spin-off, set in the 1700s, is where the aliens we’ve seen so many times in the original and its sequel make their first appearance on Earth.

The film pays homage to the series and the first installment by including a variety of references, both minor and important, throughout its runtime. There are a lot of things in this image that will form a connection to the original film released in 1987. One of those things is the theme of the predator becoming the prey. Another is the idea of ​​making yourself invisible to the monster.

One of the most striking allusions is the gun that Naru receives as a gift from a French trader. During the climactic scene, when Naru gives the gun to the chief of the tribe, the name Raphael Adolini is seen engraved on the gun.

The gun reference will be easily clear to anyone who is a dedicated follower of the Predator franchise. The gun is the exact same one Lt. Mike Harrigan, played by Danny Glover, received from City Hunter in Predator 2; viewers who aren’t as familiar with the franchise should know that. This serves as a bridge between the two films that Prey offers us for viewing pleasure.

Does the movie offer a worthy sequel to the original?

Prey’s portrayal of Native Americans is one of the film’s most interesting and thought-provoking sections. Due to the prevalence of shows like Reservation Dogs and Rutherford Falls on television these days, sensitive portrayal of a character from a marginalized group has become an absolute requirement for any feature film. The Predator spin-off that Hulu is producing certainly deserves praise because it features an almost all-native cast, with Amber Midthunder playing the lead role of Naru.

Also, the chemistry between Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers, who play siblings Taabe and Naru and have a volatile connection with each other, works like a charm. The ability of screenwriter, Patrick Aison, to make all the characters complement and fit together so naturally is something that deserves praise.

Even though Hulu and Fox have collaborated to make the movie available to us on a streaming platform that we can access from the comfort of our own home, it seems like a waste to see the movie on such a smaller screen. Prey is a movie that should absolutely be seen in a theater due to its impressive visuals and well-choreographed action sequences. Plus, the movie’s antagonist is a terrible creature that would look even scarier on a bigger screen.

Despite being billed as a prequel, the film doesn’t give us any information about the Predator’s background or when it first appeared. We are only shown an alien species that establishes itself in Comanche territory and then hunts its target while looking for the perfect moment to execute its death. As the film draws to a close, audiences wonder exactly where the dangerous creature came from and whether or not more such elements will appear if Hulu decides to continue producing episodes of the series.

In general, Prey deserves praise for being considered one of the best Predator spin-offs made to date. The Hulu movie features plenty of thrilling action scenes, making it an absolute must for all fans of the Predator franchise.