Who are the parents of Dawit Eklund, Jon Eklund and Yeshi Eklund? Facts About Malia Obama’s New Boyfriend

Malia Obama

After two trips to Los Angeles where Malia Obama and her new boyfriend, Dawit Eklund, kept their own space, they proved they were a real couple.

Thursday morning, they went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was their third public appearance together in the past nine days.

She also wore open green leggings and a cropped top that showed off her slim waistline. Dawit wore a pink t-shirt, green shorts and shorts with a picture of the late Bob Marley on them.

Who are the parents of Dawit Eklund, Jon Eklund and Yeshi Eklund?

Dawit Eklund was born to a former State Department employee named Jon Eklund and an Ethiopian woman named Yeshi Eklund. Both worked for the United States in different embassies in Africa.

David is the transliterated form of Dawit’s name. He is one of four children. The musician’s parents have always supported his music and are often seen at his concerts.

Jon, who is 72, was one of the most important people helping refugees during the Sudanese conflict in the early 2000s, when hundreds of thousands fled to Ethiopia to escape the violence.

Yeshi, who is 66 years old and has Ethiopian roots, is a well-known business owner. Page Six reported that her sister Sara Eklund was featured in a 2019 Vogue article. Sara Eklund is the one who brought the menstrual cups to Ethiopia.

Since Jon retired, the Eklunds have made Abidjan, Ivory Coast their permanent home, although they also own a home in the Chantilly neighborhood of Washington, DC.

What does Dawit Eklund do for a living and how much money does he have?

Dawit Eklund is best known as Malia Obama’s boyfriend. In Washington, DC, he is a well-known producer who makes music for warehouse raves.

Daily Mail says Eklund is a key member of the city’s electronic label and band 1432 R. He is good at creating rhythms that seem simple but are actually quite complicated.

He now has over $1 million in assets. Plus, the first song off her 2018 EP Corona, “New Life,” is the perfect tribute to dancing on foggy mornings.

The majority of the title is composed of slamming polyrhythms and a flowing melody. But Dawit has added some nice touches that make it look like it was handmade.

Dawit Eklund Background in terms of race and family

Dawit Eklund was born in the United States but is of African descent. His family is from Ethiopia.

The former US president’s daughter is nine years younger than Eklund, who was born and raised in Ethiopia and turns 33 next week. He also registered as a Democrat.

Before going to George Washington University to study international development in Africa, he studied at the International Community School in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Dawit not only looks like a younger version of Barack Obama, but he also smokes, a habit the 44th president has often said is hard to break.