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What is Al Michaels doing now? What happened to him after the Sunday night game?

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Al Michaels is a well-known American sportscaster who used to work for NBC Sports and now does play-by-play for Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football.

Since 1971, the sportscaster has been working on network sports television. After nearly 30 years at ABC Sports, his most recent job was at NBC Sports.

Michaels is well known for calling NFL games on ABC’s “Monday Night Football” from 1986 to 2005 and on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” from 2006 to 2021.

What is Al Michaels up to now?

Al Michaels may be leaving Sunday Night Football, but he’s not leaving NBC.

Michaels was awarded “emeritus status” and will continue to broadcast and contribute through NBC Sports’ high-profile properties.

Michaels is expected to work NFL playoff games on NBC and help cover the Olympics again in 2024, among other things.

Michaels has been the voice of “Sunday Night Football” on NBC since 2006. Michaels, who is 77, began calling plays for ABC’s “Monday Night Football” in 1986. This year he also chaired his 11th Super Bowl, which tied the record.

It’s unclear which playoff games Michaels will play next season, but NBC has an agreement to show one game between teams in the same division and two games between teams in the wildcard round.

What did he do after Sunday Night Football? Does he leave the series?

Al Michaels, who left NBC’s Sunday Night Football booth after 16 seasons to join Amazon’s new Thursday Night Football franchise, isn’t going there.

NBC Sports said Tuesday it had given Michaels a “starring role” so he could continue working in broadcasting.

He also helps organize high-profile events in the sports industry, like the NFL playoffs and the Olympics. This season, he will call an NFL playoff game for NBC.

Michaels’ time at NBC ended when he called his record-breaking 11th Super Bowl. He then signed a deal to call Thursday night football games.

The deal was done with Kirk Herbstreit for Amazon Prime Video. It was Michaels’ 37th season to call NFL games in prime time, which is a record.

How much does Michael earn? What is his net worth?

Al Michaels is an American television host with a net worth of $40 million. Michaels is one of the most famous sports commentators of all time.

He is perhaps best known for his years as a play-by-play announcer for the NFL, including a nearly two-decade run on Monday Night Football. However, he also worked in the stand for other sports.

Al was making $8 million a year while working for NBC as a broadcaster. Al has signed a three-year, $33 million deal with Amazon to broadcast Thursday Night Football starting in March 2022.

Michaels’ first television job was with Chuck Barris Productions, where he cast women to be on “The Dating Game.”

In 1964, he got his first job in sports broadcasting when the Los Angeles Lakers hired him to work in public relations.

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