Tim Roth Talks Starring in Horror Movie Resurrection, Collaboration With Quentin Tarantino And More


You have starred in several Quentin Tarantino films. What do you like about working with him that keeps you coming back?

Well, with him it goes back to the first day, and on the first day I got the script. [for “Reservoir Dogs”]. When he sent in the script, when he was new, when he was in it even… What is Andrew? [Semans] did two? This is his second film. Quentin hasn’t done one yet. This was a start for him.

This script landed – it came from my agent. I was brand new. I had just arrived in America and was about to leave – didn’t want to stay – and then I got this script and I read it and I thought, “What?” I didn’t even get through it. I read about 20 pages and spoke on the phone: “What is this? I want to do it.”

It hasn’t changed. What has changed about Quentin is that he now has experience that he didn’t have. But in a way, he always had it. He has been making films for a long time. [in his head] before he made his first film. But his experience, his actual experience with a camera shooting his film, was his first experience.

I don’t think he has changed. We see someone who has been given the opportunity to make the films he has always wanted to make and his horizons are limitless.

He quickly took up this position. He had to make his choice about the stories he wanted to tell. Pulp Fiction came along fairly quickly after Reservoir Dogs, and it’s been on a roll then and ever since. We are anything, for anything. We’re waiting like a gang. His actors – if you’re lucky enough to consider yourself one of his actors – we wait for the phone to ring and hope it does.

You say, “Oh, it’s so sad if you don’t. There’s nothing there?” That’s what’s happening. But this is a gang that he creates on the go. He adds to this the incredible cast of actors he takes with him on these journeys.

He’s an outstanding director, but he’s a newbie director… and I’ve worked with many. This is what I always wanted to do and still do, namely [working with] for the first time, new talent, new storytelling. You will never know. Perhaps you will find another one.