The Most Confused Moments in The Sandman Season 1 Explained


After Lucien (Vivienne Achempong) completes the dream census, she discovers that three “major arcana” are still missing: the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), a dream called “Fiddler’s Green” and a nightmare called Gault (Anne Ogbomo). Dream finds Gault after tracking down Rose Walker’s (Vanesa Samunyai) brother Jed (Eddie Karanja), who has been hidden away from the real Dreaming in a smaller version of Gault’s creation.

The details of Gault’s world are only briefly mentioned, but it essentially cuts Jed off from the rest of the Dreaming, creating a smaller hidden realm within him. Morpheus can still enter this realm once he discovers it, as he is still the Lord of Dreams. When Gault was asked to explain her actions, she replied that she just wanted to be a dream – something that inspires people – and not a nightmare. That she chose Jed Walker for her Dreaming may have been a subconscious effect of Rose’s vortex powers, which Morpheus says attract dreams and nightmares.

When Morpheus tells Gault that she must be a nightmare again, she defies him, drawing his ire. He threatens her with “several thousand years in darkness” and appears to vaporize her body, transporting her to an unknown location. In the comics, Gault’s character is actually two nightmares – Brutus and Glob – and they are sent to a void-like place in the Dreaming that serves as a prison. Gault is presumably sent there as well, though by the end of the season, she is brought back and turned into a real dream.