Season 11 finale Curb Your Enthusiasm Was Originally Much Darker


According to a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Jeff Shaffer and Larry David originally wrote season 11 as if it would be the series’ last. To this end, they originally planned for Larry to drown after falling into his neighbor’s pool, ending the season’s narrative and, ironically, causing him to die as a result of an attempt to override security measures that could have saved his life. According to Shaffer, they even filmed a scene depicting Larry’s accidental death in anticipation of a possible cancellation.

“This season, when we started with Larry finding a dead guy in the pool, I immediately knew we were going to end it with Larry falling into the pool due to the lack of a fence,” Schaffer explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “Larry kept falling into that pool without a fence and hitting his head [for the scene]… We just stood high and wide in the pool, one light shone on it, and … we said: “Well, if we go like this, we go like this!”

Luckily for fans, Shaffer and David are already back on it and gearing up for Season 12. But for now, Schaffer has confirmed that the next season isn’t complete and that they still have a lot of work to do before fans can rein in their enthusiasm again.