Predator: The Biggest Differences Between Prey and Predator Movies


Remember what the world’s greatest hunter, Elmer Fudd, said when it was hunting season? “Be very, very quiet.” Many hunters will say that this is the key to successful catching of prey, as it helps to keep the element of surprise and to strike hard and fast – without mercy, of course. In previous Predator films, silence hasn’t always been golden. While everyone tries to keep their mouths shut and cell phones off in case of danger, this is not always possible as groups of people tend to want to talk even when the imminent threat of total annihilation approaches. Thus, although they can soften the sound for a short time and avoid putting their boots on sticks and broken branches, they find it difficult to do so for a long time.

On the other hand, The Prey is a quiet film. Aside from the occasional chirping of birds or the rustling of leaves, the Great Plains are quiet and quiet. This is certainly ideal for the Predator, as the silence ensures that the creature can hear the footsteps of its prey from a mile away. However, it is equally effective on the intended victim as any sudden movement will alert them to trouble on the horizon. For example, Naru manages to find and attack an unsuspecting Predator simply because she is quieter than the alien. Tell us about using hunter tactics against them.