Dylan O’Brien Reveals His Unusual Participation in ‘Teen Wolf’


Teen Wolf has stood the test of time thanks to its memorable characters and emotional resonance. But if there’s one element that’s truly emblematic of the show, it’s certainly Stiles’ favorite Jeep. A character in its own right from the start, the Jeep is an extension of Stiles—so much so that Dylan O’Brien couldn’t part with it.

“I have the Jeep,” O’Brien admitted. Entertainment Weekly after the final season. “It was important for me to take a lot of things. Everyone who knows me intimately knows that my heart lies and dies with Teen Wolf. I couldn’t help but take this jeep.” To this day, the Maze Runner actor has a car that temporarily broke up with him for one reason. In a recent promotion for his movie Out of Order, O’Brien revealed that while he may not appear on the show, a part of Styles will.

“It’s like ‘come and get the car out of my way to use it’, which everyone seems to find very funny,” O’Brien said. ExtraTV. This will disappoint many fans who may have been hoping for a small cameo. Unfortunately, Stiles’ only appearance will be in the spirit, as Trailer “Teen Wolf” proven. But, according to the actor, never say never. O’Brien doesn’t know what the future holds, so perhaps one day Stiles will make a triumphant return.