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Who is she? Kayla Arrest of the suspect in the Tamarac case

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Sakiyna Thompson: who is she? Kayla Arrest of the suspect in the Tamarac case

On August 3, 2022, Sakiyna Thompson, a New Yorker, was taken into custody. She was implicated in the murder of Tamarac resident Kayla Hodgson in July.

Thompson will soon be transferred to Broward County. She still has a few questions for the police regarding the enigmatic homicide, in the meantime.

Sakiyna Thompson is being held in New York – an update on the Tamarac murder case

At Springfield Gardens, Sakiyna Thompson was arrested on suspicion of murder.

A woman was stabbed on July 13, 2022 in her Tamarac apartment in the 9300 block of 57th Street North West. At the scene, she was pronounced dead. Even though authorities hid details of the victim, Kayla Hodgson, 23, was the woman who died, according to her knowledge.

Around 3 a.m., the Broward Sheriff’s Office reported receiving a call about a woman who was unresponsive. The victim was already dead by the time rescuers and deputies arrived. They continue to invest in the passage.

We have no crime here, according to a citizen named Peter Lesshawn. Maybe it was domestic violence, but I don’t know because I live in a nearby neighborhood. It’s a peaceful neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, acquaintances of the victim claim she was a kind woman and a party girl. In South Florida, she worked as a bartender.

Swana Alphonse, a former employee of the deceased, says: “I mean, I was horrified. The majority of my team members were, especially those who knew her and worked with her. We’re all waitresses and bartenders, so this is just ridiculous and terrifying. And any of us can have become that.

Arrest and charges of Sakiyna Thompson

First degree murder is the alleged crime against Sakiyna Thompson. In order to avoid extradition to Florida, the suspect is currently being held at Rikers Island.

On July 25, 2022, a warrant for the accused’s arrest was issued. However, the New York State Police withheld any information about him.

Previously, police had simply described the incident as a homicide. Regarding the circumstances surrounding Thompson’s murder of Hodgson, investigators have not released any details. Because they found irrefutable evidence, the Broward Sheriff’s Office released Thompson’s photo.

Police plan to transfer Thompson to Broward County and file first-degree murder charges against him this week.

Sakiyna Thompson: who is she? Kayla Hodgson’s Killer

Sakiyna Thompson, 28, resides in the Springfield Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York.

She lists her job title as “Nail Technician” and the name and location of the Nu Impressions hair salon on her LinkedIn profile. She had previously been employed by Junie Bee Nails.

Hodgson was killed by her for some arbitrary reason. The motivation of the killer is still unknown, officials said.

The victim’s family has created a GoFundMe account to help his family in the meantime. The goal is to fund $50,000, but so far they have raised over $15,000. The donation would help his family to overcome some financial difficulties. The funds will be used to pay for the funeral.

Kayla Hodgson’s family members have praised the 23-year-old’s lively and dedicated character. His family, including his parents and siblings, will always be missed.

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