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Who is Kerry Tattersley? $37 sliders turn lifeguard as woman gets electric shock while vacuuming lawn

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob
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A woman says a pair of $37 sliders saved her life after she nearly died while vacuuming her fake garden.

Kerry Tattersley, 36, was cleaning the fake lawn in her garden when she grabbed the extension cord and accidentally touched a live wire. When they touched, she immediately received an electric shock powerful enough to knock her into a nearby wall.

Kerry, a support worker in Halifax, Yorkshire, told Metro: “I was vacuuming my fake grass in my garden and my extension cord was also plugged in. When I went to unplug the extension cord after vacuuming the grass, the rear plastic piece must have been loose”. She continued, “I didn’t know, so I grabbed it. It fell while I was holding the plug, I got shocked and was thrown against my wall. The pain was like a dull ache and strong tingling all over my body, and I felt like electricity was going through my arms. “I was going back and forth in my kitchen. I couldn’t stop my arms from shaking, but I couldn’t stop them either. I felt like I couldn’t handle them. It hurts as much as an eight out of ten,” she said.

Kelly had to go to the hospital and was very upset by what happened, but she was even more shocked when the doctors told her it could have been much worse. Kerry didn’t go to the hospital straight away, and it wasn’t until she was having trouble breathing that a friend persuaded her to call 111. She wasn’t injured as badly as she could have because the rubber flip flops she was wearing helped her stay on the ground.

She added: “When I was talking to my friend on the phone, she told me I should call the hospital, but I said, ‘I’ll be fine.’ But I started breathing a little weird, like I was losing my breath, so she told me to call 111 for advice if I didn’t want to call the hospital. So I did, and the operator told me to stay there where I was and that an ambulance would pick me up. She also told me to get my daughter out of bed in case I passed out and told me what to do if I did. The person who answered the phone sent an ambulance to her home, which took her to Calderdale Royal Hospital.

“When the paramedic came they took my heart rate and blood pressure and asked the usual questions like what had happened, if I had taken any medication and how bad the pain was. Then they told me that I had to go to the hospital because my pulse was fast, my heartbeat was a little high, and my hand temperature was different. Kerry was given paracetamol and taken to the local hospital, where she was seen within 10 minutes and given an electrocardiogram (ECG). She suffered nerve damage to her arm, but doctors said her Puma sliders prevented her from being immobilized by the current and saving her life.

Kerry said: “The doctor asked what happened and then explained what happens when you get a bad shock. Then he asked, “Did you wear them back then?” He said, “Well, you’re lucky, because they probably saved your life.” I said yes.” I couldn’t believe it. Doctors said Kerry’s life was saved because the rubber sliders acted as an insulator and prevented electricity from the outlet from passing through her body to her body. on the ground.

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1883 Fans puzzle over this detail of Elsa Dutton

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