When is the cook-author’s baby due?

Justine Schofield

Justine Schofield: When is the cook-author’s baby due?

Author, chef and TV host Justine Schofields is Australian and is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Brent Staker. All of their close friends and family attended their recent baby shower.

mum-to-be One of Australia’s most recognizable culinary faces, Justine has earned a reputation as a simple, chic chef. She is dedicated to inspiring families across the country to cook with more ambition and creativity.

Schofield brings charming French charm and captivating enthusiasm to everything she does. Her passion for food, travel and adventure is the foundation of her profession.

The chef’s TV show, “Everyday Gourmet,” now in its eleventh season and boasting over 1,000 episodes in total, has a devoted following. 13 years after winning the MasterChef competition, Justine has authored four cookbooks and is a presenter at Australia’s major foodie events.

When is Justine Schofield’s baby due? Pregnancy Information

Soon, Justine Schofields will give birth to a child. She recently had a baby shower, so the newborn should be arriving soon.

The event doubled as a gender reveal party, and Justine, 36, shared a number of photos of it on Instagram. The former MasterChef contestant captioned the image of Justine and Brent, 38, waving pink and blue balloons, “It won’t be long until our baby Stakerfield arrives.”

Although the couple did not officially reveal the gender of their unborn child, revelers learned when the balloons burst.

Justine announced on Instagram that they were expecting their first child together in May, showing the delighted expectant parents in their living room.

Additionally, Brent has been Instagramming about their unborn child. He said in a May 8 post that exciting times are yet to come and their hands will soon be filled.

The chef appears to have continued to work, based on his Instagram page, so the due date may not be very close.

Brent Staker, partner of Justine Schofield: Are they married?

Brent Stake and Justine Schofields haven’t married yet. Justine is currently dating Brent. In March 2020, Justine and Brent started dating.

In a 2021 interview with Gary Mehigan, Justine made a brief mention of her love life. While filming Everyday Gourmet for Channel 10, the chef opened up about her failed relationships, giving unique insight into her personal life.

She clarified. Due to my continual travels, I have experienced two terrible breakups in the past ten years. Since then, according to Justine, she has improved her work-life balance.

She now affirms that she is in a romantic relationship and remembers that she sometimes has to say no to requests. Three years prior, Justine dated Seven presenter Doran.

And right now, it seems like she’s completely distanced herself from him and is seeing Brent on a serious level. They could soon get married because of the child they will soon have.

Colin and Françoise Schofield are the parents of Justine Schofield

Justine Schofield is the daughter of Colin and Françoise Schofield. Justine has a mixed heritage as her mother is French and her father is Australian.

Clarence Schofield is the name of his older brother. Justine can speak French like a native speaker despite having spent 25 years in Australia as her mother is French.

Justine frequently spends time with her mother while cooking a new dish, suggesting that her mother is the source of her ambition to become a chef. Mother and daughter also seem to have a close relationship.

Schofield will soon become a parent, but everyone thinks she’s prepared because of her positive relationship with children.