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South Park fans agree on when Mr Garrison is at his best

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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Fans prefer Mr. Garrison when he’s a teacher at South Park Elementary over his arc using Donald Trump’s approach to being president. A few years ago, when Harrison’s time as Commander-in-Chief came to an end, u/tunnelsnakefool wrote on Reddit that “can’t honestly wait for him to be back in class.”you/Bball1997 agreed, saying, “I wish there was at least one episode to end his tenure at the office, but after that, I agree I’m ready to see Garrison’s teacher again.” you / royrogersmcfeely3 expressed their dissatisfaction with a reference to the classic South Park passage “Where Has My Teacher Gone” and u/TheCastaway2007 also agreed, writing, “I just want things to go back to the way they were before.”

Even the creators weren’t fans of bringing this storyline together. In discussion with Hollywood Reporter in 2017, Matt Stone and Trey Parker stated that the year was tough, with one saying, “We just wanted to get back to the kids, which is what we still do. [Mr. Garrison as Trump]. So we don’t actively turn it on, but we don’t actively reject it either.” Luckily, the character ended up losing the election and went back to work as a teacher in the South Park Vaccination Special.

While his controversial job as Commander-in-Chief was not well received by everyone, the character continues to be another interesting personality in South Park. It will be interesting to see what Mr. Garrison experiences in the future, and one can only wonder if he will ever return to the blond, badly tanned presidential look.

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