Prey star Dane DiLlegro knows what horror icon he wants to play next


In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyDane DiLiegro spoke about his passion for playing monsters and his dream to play Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. When asked if he would take on the role of a hockey masked slasher, he said, “I’m definitely looking into it. returned with a knife autographed by the actor who played Jason Voorhees. I still have him. I was Jason for four Halloweens.”

The Friday the 13th movies are forever in the hearts of horror and slasher fans around the world. The franchise consists of twelve films that trace back to the 1980 original. However, the hockey-masked, machete-wielding counselor-killing machine that DiLlegro talks about didn’t make a major appearance until the 1982 film Friday the 13th Part 3. Many actors have since played Jason Voorhees, including Derek Mears in 2009’s Friday the 13th and Kane Hodder, who played Voorhees from 1988 to 2002 (via IMDb).

In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, DiLiegro also talked about his past work as a zombie on the AMC series The Walking Dead. DiLiegro’s first outing as the famed Predator will be available on Hulu starting August 5th.