How did the Coreus Group employee die?

Megan Thornton

Megan Thorton: how did the employee of the Coreus group die?

A beloved Coreus Group employee named Megan Thornton has passed away suddenly. On July 31, 2022, a terrible accident involving her took place.

Coreus Group, which employs Thornton, is a well-known, dynamic and agile construction consultant. Exeter, England serves as the headquarters.

Megan Thornton, employee of the Coreus group, dies in an accident

At the age of 23, Megan Thornton has passed away. She was involved in an accident and died after being seriously injured.

According to a number of news websites, Megan’s car hit another fast car. However, news agencies have not fully explained the circumstances of his death.

Similarly, concerns about the Bure Cornwall tragedy have been voiced on several news pages, with some people suggesting Megan could be a victim.

Thornton’s company Coreus Group broke the terrible news first. Through their Twitter account, they spread the message.

We are devastated to inform you that on Sunday, July 31, our amazing Assistant Marketing Manager, Meg Thornton, died suddenly at the age of 23 following a sad accident.

Please be patient with us as we adjust to life in Coreus without Meg.

Meg Thornton, our beautiful Assistant Marketing Manager, tragically passed away at the age of 23 on Sunday July 31, after a sad accident, according to a tweet from @CoreusGroup. Please be patient with us as we adjust to life in Coreus without Meg.

Police have yet to release their official report on the collision. However, it appears that the incident is being investigated by local authorities;

Death of Megan Thornton

Seniors and friends of Megan Thornton have reacted to her unexpected passing.

Coreus Group Chief Executive Andrew Clancy wrote: “I hope Meg knew how much we admired and loved her. The entire Coreus team is in shock. We are sorry for the loss of Paul’s daughter and devoted sister, Jacqueline and Sophie.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we process this horrific event; we are devastated. Meg was Coreus inside. I am personally devastated, Meg, and I will miss you.

Paul Thornton, Thornton’s father, made a quick comment on Clancy’s article. “Thank you so much for that, Andrew,” he wrote. Reading such encouraging words while we are suffering is a source of great pride and comfort.

Also in his statement, he adds: “From our perspective, I know that Megan enjoyed her work at Coreus and derived great personal satisfaction from her accomplishments and those of the company. Jaki, Sophie and I would like to thank her for the chance you gave her, and I know that we will stay in touch.

Megan Thornton: who was she?

Within the Coreus Group, Megan Thornton was employed as an executive assistant. She was in charge of the marketing and strategies division.

Thornton joined the Coreus Group as Commercial Director. In 2020, her employers welcome her and she wins over everyone she meets. Prior to joining Coreus Group, she helped gain professional experience working as a social media and public relations assistant for a teacher recruitment company in Cardiff.

Megan had just started studying for her Masters in Marketing at Cardiff University. Megan completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Exeter, where she received numerous accolades for her contributions. She received a world-class scholarship from Exeter University Business School in recognition of her academic excellence.

Megan was the daughter of Paul and Jacqueline Thoron, to talk about her family. Sophie is the name of her other sister.

A family member characterized her as an intelligent, attractive, and young woman. Bure, Cornwall, is the family home.