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Amanda Catherine
Amanda Catherine
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Kreese’s most important character in Cobra Kai may well be his flashback battle with Captain Turner, but since Johnny is not in it, it’s only clear that William Zabka chooses a different scene to highlight the two characters’ relationship. In an interview with Men’s healththe actor has shown to have a soft spot for the season 2 scene where Johnny discovers how bad his old master’s situation is.

“One of my favorite scenes with Martin Kove, who plays Kriz, in season 2, when he tells me he’s staying at some fancy hotel and Johnny follows him home and he’s staying at a vet shelter – he lied to Johnny . all the time,” Zabka described the scene. “There is a moment when Kriz says that he is a loser, and then he sort of humiliates himself for a minute. Johnny holds out his hand and says, “It’s awfully similar to defeat, but I was taught that defeat doesn’t exist in this dojo.” ‘ and gives him a second chance.”

As fans of the show know, this peace is short-lived. On the contrary, the characters end up bickering and even getting into a fight when Johnny comes to terms with the fact that Kreese cannot be trusted. However, even if you know where the story is headed, it’s easy to see why Zabka enjoys this amazingly touching moment between these two characters with an extremely complex history.

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She-Hulk review fiasco gets weirder

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