Blue Bloods fans breathed a sigh of relief over Baez’s fate in season 13


The Express confirmed last week that Ramirez would return for Season 13 after the actor was spotted filming upcoming scenes for the show. Although Baez adopted a child in the Season 12 finale — as female detectives in police procedurals usually do (e.g., Olivia Benson, Kim Burgess from Marina Squerciati’s Chicago P.D.) — it seems the character won’t leave the NYPD to be a mom. full-time, as many fans, including u/marknapa and u/PAACDA2, assumed. However, the collective sigh of relief may be premature. While Baez’s foray into motherhood doesn’t seem to require her to leave the show, it will no doubt impact the character’s storylines, screen time, and the dynamics of a longtime favorite partner. Blue Bloods may have a different fan base than the Dick Wolf universe (according to The Norman Lear Center and Entertainment Weekly), but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t live and die by the same established rules of due process in prime time. . Generally speaking, when a series introduces a child into the life of a lonely (or even “complicated”) detective, there are only a few standard narratives to choose from. As viewers have seen (and seen again and again) on the rival Blue Bloods network, adopting a child through a chain reaction of unfortunate events that leads to child abandonment or orphanhood means one thing – at some point, the child’s biological parents or distant a blood relative is about to show up to claim it.