Who Is Andy Milonakis? Net Worth, Age, Disease, Weight, Wife

Who Is Andy Milonakis Net Worth, Age, Disease, Weight, Wife

Andy Milonakis, a kid born with the congenital growth hormone illness, implies the defect in the hormones of growth, the syndrome gave him an adolescent’s vocal sound and appearance despite being an adult. Besides all this, he is a prevalent actor, rapper, and comedian who is well-known for his MTV show, “The Andy Milonakis Show”.

Presently, he has his own channel on YouTube where he shares his YouTube videos and he is earning a good amount of money and being more prevalent. He is also a songwriter and poker player. He is a multi-talented individual. 

Well, the YouTuber cum actor, Andy Milonakis has earned a massive amount of money from his significant career.  As of 2018, his net worth is nearly $2 million-$3 million.

Who Is Andy Milonakis? Net Worth, Age, Disease, Weight, Wife

The exact net worth is yet to be confirmed as some claim it to be $2 million and some claim it to be $3 million. From his career on the social media platform and TV, he is tipped to receive around $1.5 million per year in salary.

Andy Milonakis Net Worth, Age, Disease, Weight, Wife

The foremost source of Andy’s income is his YouTube channel and as per several sources, his salary is $61 to $973 per month while his salary is $730 to $11.7k on a yearly basis.

He has purchased a car like a Buick Buick Cascada and Cadillac ATS which costs nearly $73k and $86k respectively. Also, he owns a 7905 square feet built mansion that includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The value of his house is $5.93 million.

Andy Milonakis And Early Life

In his early life, Andy Milonakis spent his childhood in Westchester County, New York State, where he was an only child raised by his parents. Other than the fact that he attended John Jay High School across the Cross River, other details about his early life have not yet been revealed to the public.

Meanwhile, in high school, Andy had a lot of issues due to his disease, so he began using humor as a defense mechanism to escape maltreatment from his coevals.

Andy Milonakis And Early Life

Career Beginnings

Earlier to becoming one of the most prevalent comedians, Andy Milonakis spent some time functioning in the position of a tech assistance guy at a New York City-based accounting company in the late 1990s.

As time passed, he understood that he was more interested in comedy, as he began making several comic videos and releasing them through websites.

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In order to improve his skills, Andy took some comedy lessons at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater across New York City, which would aid him later to follow his dream job.

On the day of Super Bowl XXXVII, the 26th of January 2003, Andy’s career began, when he chose not to go to his friend’s Super Bowl party, and instead tapped a video of himself rapping.

He shared the video – entitled “The Super Bowl Is Gay” – to his certified self-titled YouTube channel, and far ahead to AngryNakedPat.com. His recorded video did not take long until it went viral, after which Andy was perceived by the writer of ABC’s late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, who proposed him an appearance on the program, which he perceptibly accepted, rising enormously his admiration.

Andy Milonakis Show Get Cancelled?

Ensuing his appearance in the well-known program, Andy co-created his own comedy sketch television show, entitled “The Andy Milonakis Show”, together with Jimmy Kimmel.

The initial season aired on the 26th of June of 2005 on the MTV Network, meanwhile, the second and third seasons of his show were released on the MTV2 Network. Although two years later after 22 episodes it was canceled, the show added a substantial amount to his net worth.

From 2014 to 2015, Andy Milonakis started facilitating a cooking show named “Fat Prince” on the YouTube channel Munchies which was additionally the piece of the “Bad habit” organization.

Andy Milonakis Show Get Cancelled

In every one of the episodes, Andy Milonakis alongside the fluctuating cast of gourmet experts utilized to join the more cost-effective fixings with the costly fixings making an unexpected feast. In December 2016, Milonakis stated that he would link Baited’s web recording with the YouTubers Anything4views, Colossal Is Crazy, and Keemstar.

As specified by the wellsprings of Twitchmetrics (on 26th February 2017), Andy turned into the most supported and speedily developing decoration in the IRL classification.

He became well-known alongside the site Twitch at that point. On 30th May 2020, Milonakis commented the most-preferred tweet continuously on Twitter and said congrats to the Astronauts that left the Earth.

In his tweet, he indicated the Crew Dragon Demo-2 send-off throughout the dissension of George Floyd and the CVID-19 pandemic.

Andy Milonakis Weight

189 lbs

Age, Disease, Wife

Age, Disease, Wife

In 1976, he was born, and rejoicing his 43rd birthday on 30th January of 2019, Andy Milonakis still looks similar to a teenage boy. If you ever pondered what lies behind the existence and voice of an adolescent boy, the major reason for that is an erratic growth hormone deficiency, which makes his appearance 30 years younger. 

Well, based on several sources, it is predicted that he is very much close to his family. Presently, he is not wedded so he doesn’t have any wife and he is rejoicing in his single status. His admirers are eagerly waiting for him to get married and want to know when his wedding will be and who will be his lucky wife. 

Although, aside from his work as an actor and rapper, Milonakis also enjoys a game of poker in his spare period. As a professional player of poker, he succeeds as such. To webcast America’s Cardroom on his Twitch channel, he secured a deal during April 2020 Additionally, he has contested in poker tournaments profiting Feeding America and finished in the topmost four places.

In 2007, he took part in the Fantasy Poker Night fundraiser for the Lili Claire Foundation. The ‘Live at the Bike’ poker webcast from the RunItUp Reno festival has also involved him. Andy has a solitary, content presence. As an outcome, he is still without a kid of his own. The superstar is still aiming for his professional expansion.

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