Travis Scott’s Exciting Facts Age, Family, Wife, And Controversies

Travis Scott's Exciting Facts Age, Family, Wife, And Controversies

Travis Scott is an American musician, rapper recorder, producer, and rapper who has performed in many shows. Travis Scott’s real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II. He was born in Houston, Texas, on the 30th of April.

Travis Scott’s Exciting Facts Age, Family, Wife, And Controversies

His current Age is 30, his height is 1.77 m, and his weight is 82kg. He is one of the most famous singers in America and also renowned in other countries. Travis Scott has done many albums in genres like trap, hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop and is also a member of Huncho Jack and The Scotts.

Travis Scott's Exciting Facts Age, Family, Wife, And Controversies

Travis Scott’s Early Life 

Travis lived with his grandmother when he was young in South Park. He was distraught with the condition as his grandmother was living in the hood after looking at the hungry people and decided to change the situation. His mother worked at Apple, while his father owned his own company. He graduated from Elkins High School and later shifted to the University of Texas at San Antonio to pursue music and dropped his second-year education.

Travis Scott’s Love Life And Marriage 

Travis Scott dated a famous social media personality and a great businesswoman Kylie Jenner. In the year 2018, in February month, they gave birth to their first girl. In 2019 they broke their relationship for some reason. In the COVID period, due to their daughter, they reunited again and stayed together. In 2022, they announced their second child expectancy.

Travis Scott’s Income And Revenue

As his income is $60 million, some ventures he started and have been running. Cactus Jack Records publishes different albums. Astroworld Festival is an annual concert held by Travis Scott in which many other stars give their special appearance for their fans. Travis has also collaborated with Nike and Dior while releasing his first record label; he collaborated with McDonald’s and PlayStation. In 2020 November he founded Cactus Jack Foundation, a helping hand for Houston youth. His debut in the world of films was with the movie Gully (2021). 

Most of his money is from branding and advertising since he’s been an ambassador for various brands. He earned more of his money from doing different concerts, shows, and traveling concerts. As he has engaged with other brands, he has been making by writing some songs and by his founded ventures.


There are some controversial incidents related to Travis, as he was arrested in 2015 for ignoring security and for rushing. Later, he made one of his fans attack a person who took his boot and also spit in the concert. In 2017 he again got arrested for doing something in the show. In 2019, there was a rush at the Astroworld Festival. Three people were injured due to this person putting allegations on Travis.


Travis Scott has won eight awards, his first award in 2016 for Best hip-hop for his Antidote album. He has received nominations for more than fifty categories. For Grammy Awards, he has been nominated nine times but has not won any award yet. At the Latin Grammy Awards, he received the prize for the best short-form musical video. He has been influenced by Bon Iver, Kim Cudi, Kanye West, and many other prominent personalities.

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