Chelsea Handler Filed Lawsuit Against Lingerie Manufacturer For $1.5M!

Chelsea Handler Filed Lawsuit Against Lingerie Manufacturer For $1.5M!

Chelsea Joy Handler is a multi-talented person who’s a  comedian, actress, writer, television host, and producer. She has also done some comedy shows and stand-up comedy at different places and events. She also has some words regarding her life and works in comedy.

Chelsea Handler Filed Lawsuit Against The Lingerie Manufacturer For A $1.5M Breach Of Contract

In the recent news, she has taken legal action against a lingerie company regarding a contract that happened before filming the ad. Chelsea Handler is a 47 years old lady who had been in partnership with a lingerie company named TrueLove. Chelsea Handler registered a complaint in the American Supreme Court on Thursday regarding the company.

Chelsea Handler Filed Lawsuit Against Lingerie Manufacturer For $1.5M!

The brand True love went to Chelsea Handler in 2021 regarding the ad because they loved her unique style and positive image, which is very attractive, and requested her to appear in their new news campaign. After discussing the ad campaign, both parties decided on the payment amount, which was $1,060,000.

When Chelsea Handler reported a complaint against the company, she said they had lined up the meeting for January 2021. Chelsea had a specialized exercise regimen and many discussions regarding the ad shoot to prepare for the ad. The brand TrueLove planned many things regarding the campaign while making a contract.

She also posted different photos and information about her new regime on social media platforms during the time. Later, when she had some discussion, she discovered that the Agreement was canceled on January 26, but the brand TrueLove never informed her about that. She got this news when she was in Canada shooting another campaign ‘on her dime”.

After this, Chelsea believed that despite all the representation work, the creative team and management of TrueLove were informed about the campaign by the board members, and they never asked for approval from them. When the board members got some information about the Agreement, they told TrueLove officers to terminate the parties’ Agreement,” and with this lawsuit.

When the Agreement and ad campaign were canceled, the brand, TrueLove, disagreed with giving the compensatory amount of the work to Chelsea as he had wasted her time preparing the ad shoot. Chelsea requested, but the brand never cooperated with The Chelsa, with the Breach of contract, and has also filed a complaint about the suing for promissory estoppel.

Contract of law defines that if recovered based on a promise made when the party’s reliance on that promise was reasonable. ThirdLove has not made a statement on this company, but they have not reacted as well to Page Six Style’s request for comment. After filing the complaint, Chalsa said that she thinks the complaint speaks for itself and nothing else from her now.

After complaining against the brand and filing a detailed report about the Breach of the Agreement, Chalsa is waiting for the upcoming order as the brand has not given any statements on the current situation. The Supreme court of America will be taking action against the case, and till then, Chalsa has to wait for the following order.

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