Rebel Wilson Reveals That She Has A Girlfriend! I Found My ‘Disney Princess’

Rebel Wilson Reveals That She Has A Girlfriend!!!

Rebel Wilson has been dropping jaws and exciting fans with her astounding weight loss over the past couple of years, and now she’s done it again with a big announcement. The Senior Year actress illustrious Pride Month with some personal news, as she came out on June 9 by sharing an attractive photo on Instagram of her beautiful girlfriend Ramona Agruma.

Ramona Argruma is the owner of Lemon Ve Limon, a support clothing brand based in Los Angeles. It’s unknown how long Rebel Wilson and the clothing and jewelry designer have been a couple, but their smiles on the Instagram image are all we require.

Rebel Wilson Reveals That She Has A Girlfriend!

Happy Pride, indeed! The caption on Rebel Wilson’s post indicates she thought she was watching for the Disney prince, when maybe what she required all this time was a Disney princess. How sweet! She also left heart and rainbow emojis on her latest post, with the hashtag #loveislove. 

Reports of TMZ state that the Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma were spotted together at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in February. The newly proclaimed couple also went to Cabo during March with a group of friends to rejoice in the Pitch Perfect actress’ 42nd birthday.

Rebel Wilson Reveals That She Has A Girlfriend!!!

The comedian is better known to stay pretty private about her love life. She dated Jacob Busch for a few months from 2020 to 2021, but People stated they broke up because “he was not the one for her long duration.” US Weekly reports that Rebel Wilson also divide from comedian Mickey Gooch Jr. in 2015 after dating for only a few months and also momentarily dated stuntman Aden Stay in 2017.

Rebel Wilson has been encouraging fans with rousing stories about her “Year of Health,” in which she lost over 70 pounds during 2020 to reach her objective weight and maintain it over the next couple of years.

The actress has opened up about her weight loss journey, which began after a doctor offended her during a visit in which she was talking about fertility and family planning. But during her journey to healthier health, she got pushback from her team, who interrogated why she would want to alter her life when she’d found so much triumph as the “funny fat girl.” Her most well-known role, possibly still to date, is “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect movies, but after her unbelievable weight loss, she’s got a new nickname — “Fit Amy.”

The audience got to see the result of all her hard work last month when Senior Year was aired to Netflix subscribers. It was the actress’ first movie since appearing in Isn’t It Romantic, The Hustle, Jojo Rabbit, and Cats, all during 2019.

Confidently Rebel Wilson will endure sharing updates on her new relationship with “Disney princess” Ramona Agruma, because this is a fairy tale fans positively want to see more of!

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