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SYTYCD Dumps Matthew Morrison After ‘Flirty’ Messages Make Contestant Uncomfortable

The popular American actor, dancer, and singer Matthew Morrison recently sent some flirty messages to a contestant. Morrison started dating Renee Puente in 2011. Morrison and Puente got engaged on 27th June 2013.

Matthew Morrison Fired From SYTYCD For ‘Flirty’ Messages That Made Contestant ‘Uncomfortable’

The duo got married on 18th October 2013 privately on the island of Maui. The couple has two children one son and another daughter, the name of their son and daughter are Revel James Makai Morrison who is 5 years old, and Phoenix Monroe who is just 11 months old. 

4th of April 2022, Matthew Morrison was announced as a judge for the 17th season of So You Think You Can Dance along with JoJo Siwa and Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss. 27th of May he revealed that he was very excited and disclosed that the final episode is expected to air on 8th June.

Morrison announced a few days ago that he was leaving after filming the audition of So You Think You Can Dance season 17. At the same time, the reason was disclosed that he failed to follow the competition production protocols although it is unknown what they were.

What Did Exactly Happen?

Currently, the news has been alleged Morrison sent ‘Flirty’ messages to a contestant who is feeling uncomfortable after getting the messages.

According to a report, a source began to claim that he was fired from the series after the flirty judge had an illegal relationship with a female contestant.

The source also told that Morrison and the contestant did not have sex but he reached out to her through flirty messages on Social media. The female contestant started feeling uncomfortable after getting his lines of comments and went to the producers who got involved with the Fox dancing competition.

As per an insider, he was fired after they began their investigation. Morrison and the unidentified female contestant ‘never met up off-set ‘ but the Flirty messages sent ‘ crossed the line’. 

Statement Of Matthew Morrison

Morrison gave a statement to People that he was incredibly honored to get the chance to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and it was a big opportunity for him.

But unfortunately, it is a regret that he would be leaving season 17 of SYTYCD. He said about his departure, that after filming the auditions for season 17 of SYTYCD and completing the selection of 12 finalists among all contestants, he failed to follow the competition production protocols.

They tried to prevent him that he was being unable to judge the competition fairly for his actions. He not only crossed a line but he also disrespected his wife Puente.

He could not apologize enough to all involved people and he will be watching alongside all of them what he knows will be one of the best seasons yet.

What Did Renee Puente Say After Knowing The Unexpected Side Of Her Hubby?

Puente took her Instagram about why her husband lost his job. She posted ‘ What the hell do you begin? And she also said many things in her post.

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