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Britney Spears Has A Wall Around Her After Conservation, Lance Bass Believes!!

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Singer Lance Bass doesn’t think that Britney Spears is living a free life. Bass believes that Spears is living a quiet conservative life. 

Lance Bass Thinks Britney Spears Has A ‘Wall Around Her’ After Conservation

Lance Bass said that Britney Spears may be free from the conservative ship but still she is somewhere stuck in the same conservative life. The NSYNC figure said that he hasn’t been in touch with Britney since the termination of their relationship in November last year.

Bass says that he tried a lot to get in touch with her but yet he is unable to. Lance Bass alleged Britney said, “It’s just, you know, there’s a wall around her,” he further said. “And for some reason, those people don’t want her old friends involved with her life.”

Lance Bass and Britney Spears know each other since the late 90’s when they both used to work in similar circles and together dominated the pop music charts.

Britney Spears Has A Wall Around Her After Conservation, Lance Bass Believes!!

It is said that the “Lucky” singer also dated Lance Bass. Both of them developed such a strong bond that Lance Bass reportedly told Britney Spears that he is gay. In July last year, Lance Bass said in a Podcast interview that he hasn’t seen or talked to his pal “in years”.

He further said that “We’ve been kept away from each other for quite a while,”  This Podcast came out just a month after Spears advocated for her representation Where She described an abusive legal arrangement that was controlled by her father, Jamie Spears.

On the other hand, Lance Bass seems quite happy nowadays as. Despite being a newly sleep-deprived dad to his twins he is enjoying the fatherhood.

He said, “It’s a lot easier than I thought, and I hate to say that, ’cause I know a lot of parents out there will want to slap me, but it is.”

He further said, “They’ve been so good. They’re good babies.” He also added that, though he and his husband Michael Turchin are always tired of everything, the babies have brought the couple closer than before.

In the end, speaking about Britney he told, “I just wish her luck, She seems very happy, so I’m happy that she’s happy.”

Lance Bass’s Early Life And Career

Born in the year 1979 in Laurel, Mississippi, Lance Bass is a well-known Actor, Singer, Dancer, and Producer. He spent his childhood in Mississippi and was exposed to fame as the bass singer for the American pop boy band NSYNC.

He formed a production company Lance Bass Productions and also, later on, started a company named Free Lance entertainment as a joint venture with the Mercury Records.

Free Lance Entertainment is now a defunct company. In July 2006 he came out as a Gay in a cover story of Peoples Magazine. Bass dated and later married Michael Turchin who is a well-known painter and an actor.

He is involved in many charity activities and he also formed the Lance Bass Foundation which is an organization to help meet the health needs of children of a low-income family.

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