Split Between Busy Philipps And Marc Silverstein After Nearly 15 Years

Split Between Busy Philipps And Marc Silverstein After Nearly 15 Years

The Girls5eva star Busy Philipps announced her split from long-time husband Marc Silverstein last week in a podcast. She stated that her marriage is unfortunately over with him.

The news came as a shock to many of her fans since they had been married for nearly more than a decade. But, as per some reports, she was not very happy with the marriage.

Marc Silverstein And Busy Philipps Split After Nearly 15 Years, See More!!

After the announcement, nothing was heard from her for that week, but later in the weekend, she was spotted walking with her dog named Gina. She was spotted in NYC.

The 42 years old actress appeared to be wearing a blue and white gingham along with a jacket and sneakers as she was crossing the road with her dog.

As per the last episode of “Busy Phillipps Doing Her Best,” she finally opened up about her relationship with Marc

Split Between Busy Philipps And Marc Silverstein After Nearly 15 Years

Current Relationship Status

Busy Philipps has announced in her Friday show, “Busy Philipps Doing Her Best,” that she and Marc have remained separate since February of the previous year.

The news was shocking for many fans and quite upsetting for those who closely knew Busy, as per reports. Their marriage was finally over after lasting for more than a decade.

From some of her recent interviews, it has been confirmed that the split between husband and wife is natural. 

She had also remarked in one podcast that they had been together for a very long time, and it was the first time they had remained separate for so long.

She further quoted that everyone knew about the split, including her family members, kids, and friends. She is also quite shocked about this current split with Marc.

Busy also explained why the news came so late to the public and why she had never mentioned it before.

She stated that she, along with her husband, was personally against the conventional idea of just announcing their split to all the people just after it happened. Both of them are deeply affected due to their breakup and remaining separated. As a result, they never shared the news with the public until now.

Marc and Busy were planning to give this news earlier as per “Freaks and Geeks” alum, who shared this news last week after Busy’s announcement. They stated that initially, there wanted to let everyone know about their split. Still, later both of them refrained from taking action. 

They feared that it would affect their public image and the life of their kids as well as undermine their love and respect for each other. Thus, then eventually decided against the idea.

Cause Of The Split

Marc and Busy have been married for nearly fifteen years now, which is quite rare to be seen in Hollywood.

Previously, in many of their shows, it was clear that they deeply loved each other and respected their various views.

But, as per Busy, who mentioned the prime reason for their split in one of her interviews, the couple was in some rough patches.

In her famous memoir named “This Will Only Hurt A Little,” she stated that Marc was a good father and he never tried to learn about good parenting. 

She had to take care of their children, which was very heartbreaking for her.

As a result, Busy and Marc finally decided on a split.

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