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Nicole Kidman’s Surprise Appearance In Keith’s Concert, Find Out More!

Last week, The Oscar-Winning actress Nicole Kidman made her surprise appearance at one of Keith Urban’s concerts. It was a pretty surprising and fascinating site for many of the fans attending the concert.

Nicole’s Surprise Visit In Keith Urban’s Show, Check Out More!!!

Keith later shared that moment on his social media account with the caption showing how surprised he, along with his fans, was with the sight of Nicole being there. Many fans felt this as an “Aww” moment, as per some interviews later on with Nicole.

The concert was held last Saturday in Colosseum, located in Caesar’s Palace. There, she made a surprise guest appearance which surprised many.

Later on, in a joking manner, Keith asked Nichole who she was and how she got there, to which she replied that She was Nicole Urban and got on stage to deliver a kiss to her husband. 

This act was photographed and posted on social media by her and Keith’s fans. It shows how deeply they are in love with each other even after being married for nearly sixteen years.

What Happened At The Concert?

Last Saturday, during Keith’s concert at the Colosseum of Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas, the oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman made a sudden appearance that surprised both Keith and his fans who were also attending the concert.

After jokingly asking about who she was and where she was from, she got on stage and delivered a kiss to her long-time husband, Keith Urban.

She also played with Keith by taking his grey jacket from him and hiding it during the concert. She and Keith later found the jacket hidden by one of his guitar techs, who helped him put it on again.

The act surprised many of their fans and created an “Aww” moment which got heavily posted on social media.

In an interview, the four-time Grammy winner Keith Urban later commented that he was pretty surprised and taken aback by her presence on the concert night.

He also commented on how surprised he was when she managed to hide the jack so that he could not find it at that stage.

Nicole had also told him not to lose the jacket as it was one of her favorites. He commented back in surprise that how could he possibly lose the coat on such a clean stage. But, later, he was proven wrong as Nichole managed to hide the jacket nicely.

A Happy Marriage

The four-time Grammy winner Keith Urban and Oscan-winning actress Nicole Kidman have been with each other for nearly sixteen years.

They got engaged and married back in 2006, and since then, they have remained together. The couple also has two daughters named Faith and Isabella.

As per reports, Nicole is the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, with whom she previously broke up but shared a daughter named Isabella.

Nicole always recalls the day she first saw Keith and got a crush on her. She wanted to be with him and marry him one day, she later remarked in an interview.

The wish came true as they married happily in Sydney back in June of 2006.

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