Zosia Mamet And Kaley Cuoco Share The Story Behind Matching Tattoos, See Their True Friendship

Zosia Mamet And Kaley Cuoco Share The Story Behind Matching Tattoos, See Their True Friendship

The friend between Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet is now a public sensation. The duo decides to get a matching tattoo to signify the importance of their lifelong friendship.

They are currently working on an HBOMax show named “The Flight Attendant” as co-stars of the show.

Here’s The Cute Story Behind Kaley Cuoco And Zosia Mamet’s Matching Tattoos

Their friendship became a piece of public news when there were seen together on many occasions. Cuoco later remarked in an interview that she was surprised that her affection and care towards her co-star had caught the public eyes.

Zosia Mamet And Kaley Cuoco Share The Story Behind Matching Tattoos, See Their True Friendship

The Friendship Bond And Tattoo

Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet have decided to get a similar tattoo to mark their friendship bond, as per a recent interview with the co-stars. 

They have also shared many stories regarding their friendship and how they became emotional support for each other during their hard times.

Cuoco mentioned that after their first meeting, they used to show their care by “booping” each other noses and hugging tightly. 

Mamet also used to hug Cuoco tightly and play along with her. Later on, they remarked that booping each other became a new norm, and they used to do that even during their sets where they worked together.

Emotional Friends

The flight attendant co-stars Cuoco and Mamet remembered how they had supported each other during their hard times. 

Cuoco remarked how Mamet used to help her after her divorce from actor Karl Cook.

She also said that Mamet is the most caring and lovely friend she would ever meet. Mamer used to go to work during her off days and meet Cuoco during her breaks to share lunch, which used to cheer her mood up. 

Mamer was wholly dedicated to making her feel better even during her hard times, she later remarked during an interview.

They, later on, shared a lot of posts regarding their bonding. They also shared a picture of them crying while watching “The Flight Attendant” on her social media account.

The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant is currently on HBOMax and has one of the best storylines on the platform. It is a mystery and crime series revolving around an alcoholic flight attendant named Cassie. She wakes up in the wrong hotel room and finds a dead man lying beside her. 

She has no memory of the last night and has no idea how she ended up in that situation. She finally begins to suspect if she is the killer of the man.

The show premiered its first season episode in November of 2020 and is currently releasing the episodes for season two.

Since its first release, both Kailey Cuoco and Zosia Mamet have been co-stars in the show. They both play the role of Cassie Bowden and Annie Mouradian, respectively.

Cassie is the alcoholic fight attendant who got blamed for the murder of the mysterious man in the room. She is the show’s main character around whom the whole story revolves.

Annie is a lawyer as well as a very close companion of Cassie. She is responsible for protecting her friend during any legal issues Cassie might face.

The show has an excellent storyline, and like in real life, both the co-star also share a close bonding in the front.

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