‘Murder At Yellowstone City’ Trailer Reveals Retribution From Richard Gray’s New Western

'Murder At Yellowstone City' Trailer Reveals Retribution From Richard Gray's New Western

RL JE films have finally released a new trailer for their upcoming western action film “Murder at Yellowstone City”. American Actor Thomas Jane is the star cast in the upcoming movie. 

The Official Trailer For Richard Gray’s New Western, Murder At Yellowstone City, Brings Retribution

Murder at Yellowstone City is a thriller suspense movie which will revolve around a sheriff who will accuse a suspicious newcomer in the city of the murder of a local prospector.

The murders will continue and the inhabitants of the western town spark a showdown that not everyone is going to survive from these happening murders.

This film will be released on 24 June in your nearby movie theatres.

'Murder At Yellowstone City' Trailer Reveals Retribution From Richard Gray's New Western

The plot of the Murder At Yellowstone City

The story sets out in the city of Yellowstone. It was once a peaceful and blooming city which falls to hard times. Things seem to be a bit turned around when a local prospector finds gold in the city.

However soon after this incident, the prospector is found dead which leads to a tense environment in the city. The sheriff then arrests a mysterious newcomer in the city.

It is not clear whether the mysterious newcomer is the murderer or not because many people in the city have many secrets to keep and many reasons to kill the prospector.

Yellowstone city goes under a bloody seizure of murder when the murders keep on continuing and there are many suspects for those. The inhabitants of the city start thinking that there will be many killings and everyone won’t survive this series of happening murders. 

Murder At Yellowstone City Cast

Thomas Jane will be seen at Thaddeus while Anna Camp will play the role of Alice. Zach McGowan will appear as Dunnigan and on the other hand, Richard Dreyfuss will be seen as Edgar.

Gabriel Byrne will be seen as Sheriff Ambrose while Emma Kenney will portray the role of Rebecca. Nat Wolff will appear as Young Jim while Aimee Garcia will be seen as Isabel.

Scottie Thompson will play the role of Emma Dunnigan while Tanaya Beatty will play the role of Violet.

Apart from these, all Isaiah Mustafa will be seen as Cicero and John Ales will appear as Mickey. Lia Marie Johnson will play the role of Eugenia and Kate Britton will be seen as Painted Lady.

Brandon Lessard will appear as Jesse Tate while Brian Brown will play the role of Edgar. Since the story is quite mysterious and there are a lot of murders to be shown in the movie the list of the cast is big.

In the movie, you will see Danny Bohnen as Marcus O’Sullivan and Jenna Ciralli as Painted lady, Tim Montana as George and Emily Rasmuss as Painted Lady. Scotty Bohnen will be seen as Edwin Wilcox while Joe Nichols will appear as Colin Hodge.

Isabella Ruby will be seen as Josephine and Leandra Hill will be the Church Lady.

This big list of the cast of the movie is surely going to entertain you with the suspenseful murders. Do watch it at your movie theatres on 24 June 2022.

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