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Woman Claims Johnny Depp Is The Father Of Her Child Inside The Courtroom!

Johnny Depp is tremendously suffering from harassment by his wife Amber Heard. Suddenly in the courtroom, a woman claims that Depp is the father of her child during the defamation trial against his wife Amber Heard. 

A Woman Claims Inside The Courtroom That Johnny Depp Is The Father Of Her Baby!

So the actor in ‘ the pirates of the Caribbean’ has lots of fans and they are giving Support their way to Johnny Depp. Though Depp denied all the allegation that was made against him by his wife. Presently the trial moves to its ending but an unexpected occurrence in the courtroom makes the matter more complicated.

It is reported by Law and Crime that hat a woman called out after the morning recess began though the judge was not there. According to the claim of a woman that Johnny Depp is the father of her baby and at the time she was holding the baby. 

What did happen inside the courtroom?

All the unexpected things happened suddenly. As per the information, suddenly the woman stands up at the back of the courtroom with a baby and started saying that she loves Johnny Depp and the soul of her and Depp are connected. The woman started claiming Depp as the father of her child and held up the baby by yelling  ‘ this baby is yours’.

After some time, the woman was approached by the court authorities. The court authority get her out of the court and the access wristband of the woman was cut off.

The was unable to capture the live feed from the inside of the courtroom during the trial as the cameras had been turned off for the break. As per the report, later the woman told that she was joking. 

The name of Johnny Depp was not mentioned in the article by the Aquaman star, but in the article, she narrated herself as a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Recently, the pirates of the Caribbean actor turned into Captain Jack Sparrow for fans while he was arriving at the courtroom. Meantime, the better half of Johnny Depp’s case has now entered its final week.

More and more people are going to be witnesses including his ex-wife Kate Moss.

After the testifying, Amber Heard mentioned Depp’s ex-wife Moss while she was on the stand and addressing the stairs incident about the relationship between Johnny Depp and her sister that allegedly took place.

Opinion of Others:

In the last week, Ellen Barkin, the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp testified about her romance with the famous actor in The Pirates of the Caribbean in a statement. The statement was recorded in late 2019. The vampire musician of America and the actress of the Drop Dead Gorgeous started dating in the year 1994.

Thereafter they started working together in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the year 1998. 

According to the Barkin Depp insisted it came from Barkin having sex with a person who has not him. Though the actor of Black Mass earlier denied the claims of Barkin during his U.K. libel trial against the sun newspaper. He told the middle of 2020, and that he doesn’t have any problem with anger management.

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