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Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko Opens Up Their Lesbian Relationship In Front Of The Media 

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Last week, Becca Tilley confessed her relationship with Hayley Kiyoko with a voice full of emotions. Becca said that her girlfriend Hayley always encourages her and makes her feel proud in such a way that nobody ever did.

The Media Finds Out About Becca Tilley & Hayley Kiyoko’s Lesbian Relationship

A few days before, she shared a romantic picture on her official Instagram account where Hayley is kissing Becca. Through the picture, they confirmed their relationship status.

With a shivering voice and teary eyes she said that the love and care she got was quite unexpected to her. She said that she was prepared for each and everything in life but not such love and care. 

Becca Tilley And Hayley Kiyoko Opens Up Their Lesbian Relationship In Front Of The Media

Reveals the secret of Becca Tilley and Hayley Kiyoko’s relationship

On Monday, on the podcast episode of ‘Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad’, Becca uncovers her relationship with Hayley Kiyoko. Becca begins by saying that it’s time to reveal the truth and a rumor was spread regarding them a time ago that is right. They have been dating for four years and they decided to keep it private but not secret.

They are very much about themselves. When Becca Tilley decided to declare the truth publicly, she thought that a few people would always be there on their backs but only their good wishers would support them because they love them. 

Wanna know about Becca Tilley’s girlfriend? All is here

The singer of ‘For the Girls’, which is a famous song of ‘Bachelor’, is sung by Hayley. Jem and the Hologram’s star Molly Ringwald said that the song ‘For the Girls’ is an anthem which is believed to show love and highlight strength, beauty and vulnerability.

On 10th May, a new video was released which is aimed to reflect the celebration with an expansive take on which the story gets old. She continued by saying that surrounding some queer people who make her feel relevant is the biggest gift to her.

For the video, one of her fans, who belongs to California, greets her cast of potential suitors, which seemed like an iconic bachelor.

How did Becca Tilley fall in love with Hayley Kiyoko? And more details about their relationship

Slowly, Becca reveals her love story with Hayley Kiyoko, a 33-year-old Bachelor alum.

She acknowledged the contribution of Hayley Kiyoko to her life as she helped Becca to become a brave person and always encouraged her by saying, “people who love you, wants to see you happy.” Tilley stated that she always wanted to share the news in public.

Though she is not an actress, if she gets the opportunity to become the one of Kiyoko’s albums, she will definitely come to public.

Becca continued that this time she was mentally prepared to announce their relationship in public as it’d been four years.

They were in a lesbian relationship privately.

Alongside, she also mentioned the distinction between ‘private’ and ‘secret’ by saying that they just wanted to keep it private but never intended to keep it secret.

She is not a kind of person who would like to hide their relationship by saying, “whenever I meet people, I introduce her as my girlfriend, not as a friend or best friend.” That’s how they uncover the curtain of their love story.

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