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My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Raw Scans, Plot, Spoilers, Expectations!!

The most eagerly awaited chapter of the current arc was My Hero Academia Chapter 353 due to the cliffhanger in the previous chapter. Even though many thought it would only be a matter of time until the last fight between Dabi and Shoto, this chapter finally concludes.

Read To Know Everything About My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Raw Scans, Plot, Spoilers, Expectations!!

Action in My Hero Academia 353 moves from one fight to another, but the brothers’ rivalry looms large in every scene.

Readers will finally witness Endeavor’s answer to his lad’s argument in the last chapter. The remaining members of Class A, as well as various new enemies, are also revealed.

While Holding Dabi Captive, Kirishima And Dabi Fight Midnight’s Killer

While reading the preceding chapter, Shoto remembered Class A’s concern and support. He was ultimately able to achieve his only goal of stopping Dabi with the help of Phosphor. The “Great Glacial Aegir” was only one of two new assaults Shoto used on his brother despite Dabi’s cautions that they couldn’t keep going down the same path. Reassurance that the two could still work together was his goal when he asked him to step down.

Chapter 353 Of My Hero Academia Is Titled “Endeavor”

Shoto and Dabi seem battered and injured in Kamino Ward of My Hero Academia Chapter 353. Burnin has pulled Dabi out of the game, who notifies the whole ward. The other heroes in the community look up to Shoto and try to follow in his footsteps. In the last battle against the names, they may be battling with Dabi.

The Tartarus escapees, such as Gashly and Kuneida, two previously unknown villains, are compared to Nomus by certain heroes. Heroic forces seem to be more numerous than first anticipated in Kamino Ward.

He apologizes to Lida for interfering with her engines by using too much Ice, even if he is injured. It’s hard to contain his tears as he embraces his pal and tells him he owes him nothing. After so many years, a sidekick can’t figure out how Dabi has lived. He looks to be asleep, with a silver light illuminating his breast.

Command And Control Are Located At Jaku Hospital

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 then moves to the Command Center, where it of Burnin’s discoveries. After a tough start, the heroes are making progress, according to All Might and Tsukauchi. All Might disseminate the message on every battlefield by him as Mount Lady rejoices at Shoto’s victory, a swarm of criminals in the ruins of Jaku Hospital, where Gigantomachia. Here, the pupils include Ashido, Mineta, Kodai, Yanagi, and Honenuki.

Even though this was a surprise attack, the villains look startled by many heroes. In anticipation of the PLF attempting to reclaim Gigantomachia, the heroes dispersed their forces and stationed many fighters here. To put it another way, he says they’ll stomp on the heroes like “That U.A. teacher” about Midnight. It immediately captures Mina’s attention. After apologizing for the delay, Kirishima follows her. According to his findings, they are now free to go to war without a second thought. I used the National Takoba Arena in Chapter 353 of My Hero Academia to prepare for this exam. An unnamed antagonist by Ojiro, Satou, and Sero is worried about their safety.

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