Pop Singer Halsey Claims She Can’t Release New Music Without Going Viral

Pop Singer Halsey Claims She Can't Release New Music Without Going Viral

27 years old singer Halsey started claiming that the record level which she has crossed, won’t allow her to release the new music until she gets popularity on TikTok. She is trying her best to bring out the music as soon as possible.

New Music Releases Won’t Work Unless Halsey Goes Viral, She Says

She has changed Astralwerks/Capitol records as they are putting the break on the plan she has made because her previous music sold out greatly. They told her to wait so that they can capitalize on the popularity of a major online moment.

Recently she posted a video on TikTok and added a caption on the video. At the first sight in the video, new music was playing in the background. According to her, she has the song that she loves as well as she wants to release it as soon as possible but her record level won’t let her release it.

Pop Singer Halsey Claims She Can't Release New Music Without Going Viral

Opinions of Halsey:

She said that it has been eight years since she came into this industry and she has sold more than 160 million records now. Presently her recording company is telling her that she can not release any song until A viral moment on TikTok can be faked by them.

In the last TikTok video, it is seen that they are nodding heads and lip-syncing to a snippet of unreleased music while white text appears over their face.

The Without Me hitmaker conducts both feminine and neutral pronouns. Though the situation they made, is not unusual in the music industry. Halsey also captioned that everything is marketing.

And nowadays almost every recording company does the same thing with every artist. She is just trying to release her new song.

She deserves better but now she is tired. In a clip, after hearing the new song of Halsey, the reaction was ‘what?’ and asked Halsey but as a response, she answered ‘I just hate this.’ The person says ‘Oh I know, I just hate it,’ then the singer says ‘It sucks.’

Details of Halsey:

The actual name of Halsey is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane who is a well-known American singer. She started gaining popularity after releasing her music on social media platforms.

In 2014, the self-released song singer was signed by Astralwerks, the electronic music division of Capital Records. After that, she successfully released EP, Room 93.

Though she is bisexual, She got married to Alev Aydin who is a Turkish-American screenwriter. In early 2021, she announced that she was going to be the mother of her first child.

Then Halsey gave birth to her first child in the middle of 2021. The name of her son is Ender. Presently the age of her son is 10 months.

A screengrab of TikTok read a post from singer FKA twigs where it is written that all the record labels indeed ask for are TikToks and she got told off for not giving enough effort. The singer also wrote that she was being begged for making ‘low fi tiktoks’.

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