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Check Out The Interesting Home Tour Of Travis Barker, See More!!

The well-known drummer Travis Barker is the husband of Kourtney Kardashian. They are living together in their luxurious home which is situated in Calabasas, California. He is presently 46 years old and his wife Kourtney is 43 years old.

Here’s A Look At The Amazing Home Tour Of Travis Barker, Find Out More!

He has decorated his dream house so beautifully. Recently he takes his fans on his home tour. He bought this luxurious house 16 years prior. Travis Barker shared some memorable things while he bought the house.

According to Travis, when he bought this house, he didn’t like the way the house was designed. His adorable kids learned quickly how to ride bikes inside the house. His kind started skateboarding through this long hallway.

After buying this house, he lived with his family most out of what he had bought. The famous drummer and his wife are sharing a glimpse of their home which they have made together. A 15 minutes video is released on Youtube on the 19th of May. In the video, the couple shares a glimpse of their home.

The popular drummer admitted that he was never here as he spent most of the time with his rock band Blink-182 because of performing shows. But did not forget to decorate his house in his way.

The important aspect he explained was having a broad dining table for his whole family, the big dining table is very important for his family and also for his guests. He said all these things regarding the dining table before choosing the Dining table and chairs.

Barker described where his wife and his three children Landon, Alabama, and Atiana would sit, although His wife Kourtney shares Atiana with her ex-husband.

He disclosed that they exchanged holiday gifts before their marriage while he was showing off some decorations. The couple began dating each other in late 2020. After that, they revealed the news about their relationship in February 2021.

They started spending their quality time with each other’s kids for blended family outings.

Travis and Kourtney got married on the 15th of May 2022 at a Santa Barbara, California, Courthouse. Mary Jo Campbell and Travis’s dad Randy Barker were present in Santa Barbara.

As per the information, the couple celebrated their marriage ceremony hugely in Positano, Italy and their little kids participated in the marriage ceremony.

The front door of the home :

The front door of the house is very costly. It is a double door through an archway.

The bedroom :

The bedroom is very pleasant. There is a TV in their bedroom. They enjoy the sunny views from the window.

The movie theatre :

They don’t need to go outside for the theatre as they have a movie theatre in their house with bean bags and couches.

The pool :

There is a pool in Travis’s house where multiple chairs are surrounding.

The sunny rooms :

The guest rooms are decorated beautifully. A scenic view can be enjoyed by their guests.

The kitchen :

While Travis was showing off the kitchen, he gave a quick kiss to his wife when she was sitting on the top of the kitchen counter. The kitchen is filled with many white cabinets an island sink and a counter in the centre.

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