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Netflix’s Squid Game Season 2 Not Likely To Arrive Until 2024, Creator Says

In case you have been patiently looking forward to season 2 of “Squid Game,” you would possibly wait a bit longer.

Why There Is A Long Wait For Netflix’s Squid Game Season 2?

Since the appearance of Squid Game on Netflix, the streamer has made no thriller that they want extra of the identical from author Hwang Dong-Hyuk. Like the surprise of 2021, Squid Game has emerged as a phenomenon that defies rationalization as to why it has become the accomplishment it did.

While Hwang turned on board for the greater Squid Game, he has emphasized that he won’t rush out the 2nd season. Now Hwang has spoken to Vanity Fair approximately the fulfillment of the collection and the way lovers shouldn’t assume new episodes arriving till 2024.

“[Hwang] the simplest has about 3 pages of really remarkable thoughts that he’s going to show right in a script, so there isn’t a good deal he can say [about Season 2] besides that there may be greater games,” the document said. In addition to this, Hwang himself delivered a tease:

What’s amazing about Squid Game’s record-breaking result is that Hwang honestly tried to present the concept as a movie over a decade ago. In 2009, Hwang attempted to write down and promote the film, however at the time no person become inclined to finance his concept, and they have been now no longer precisely complimentary about the assignment either.

Hwang recalled being informed the concept become “too unrealistic” to be made into any type of famous film, so he dropped the script in a drawer and forgot about it for nearly a decade. When he back to it in 2018, the rest, as they say, have become history.

Hwang Was Not in a Rush to Commit to the Second Season of Squid Game: 

Following the preliminary achievement of Squid Game, Hwang stated in numerous interviews that he had different matters he desired to work on earlier than returning to Squid Game and that he could take his time determining in which to take the brand-new episodes.

However, that doesn’t imply he hadn’t already pondered who is probably the focal point of a brand-new season. Last year he stated:

He said, while he turned into writing season one, he notion approximately the tales that might be in the season if he gets to do one – one will be the tale of the Frontman.

As nicely as centering on The Frontman, season 2 might also additionally preserve the identical socio-political remark as season 1, this time transferring the point of interest onto the police.

Hwang was supposed to the difficulty with law enforcement officials isn’t simply a problem in Korea.

There he saw it on the worldwide information that the police pressure may be very past due on performing on things – there are extra sufferers or a state of affairs receives worse due to them now no longer performing rapid enough Hwang explained these all-things himself.

This may turn into a problem that Hwang desired to raise. Maybe in the season, Hwang can communicate about this extra.

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