Offset And Cardi B Just Unfollowed Quavo And Takeoff, Is Migos Going To End?

Offset And Cardi B Just Unfollowed Quavo And Takeoff, Is Migos Going To End?

Recently there have been rumors all over social media about the break-up of Migos. The hip-hop trio entered the scene in 2008, back when mumble rap was not a household genre.

Is Migos Going To End Soon, After Offset And Cardi B Unfollowed Quavo And Takeoff?

They introduced a unique blend of trap music, mumble rap, and hip-hop, which grabbed the attention of rap enthusiasts all over the world.

Their success story brought a wave of new-age mumble rappers who took over the rap community like a storm, and almost all of them are directly influenced by the Migos.

Offset And Cardi B Just Unfollowed Quavo And Takeoff, Is Migos Going To End?

Offset and Cardi B are not following Quavo :

The rumor first came to light when @Kurrco, a Twitter user and social influencer, posted a tweet that Offset and his wife Cardi B are not following Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram anymore.

According to Hypebeast, this started a tweet war among fans, speculating over the fact that Migos is breaking up and some of the members are going their separate ways.

Consisting of three rappers: Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff, Migos delivered a plethora of hit songs, such as ‘Versace’, ‘Bad and Boujee’, and ‘Stir Fry’, to name a few. Not only that, their fan base has been significantly rising for the last 14 years. During that time, all of the members of the group faced numerous controversies, but none of those was as serious as this one.

Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff have been taking their solo careers off for a long time, but they always came around as ‘Migos’ to create smash-hit songs.

It is not uncommon for the artists to unfollow each other before an important event, may it be the release of a brand new song or jumping over a different genre, so that they can make the headlines and stay relevant to their fans.

The spokespersons of Migos have not yet made any comment regarding the break-up, so it is still early to conclude.

‘Hotel Labby’ Release:

On May 18, 2022, Quavo announced on his Instagram account that he is releasing a new single titled ‘Hotel Lobby’ with Takeoff under the alias Unc and Phew.

For those who are not following the rap scene closely, Takeoff is Quevo’s nephew. Hotel Lobby is going to be released by Atlantic MCs on May 20.

It is yet to be known whether Unc and Phew are going to drop another single, or they are bringing a whole brand-new album out. Whichever the case may be, it is not their call and only Atlantic MCs will decide what lies ahead for this newly-formed duo.

As for Offset, it is not yet confirmed if he will make music with Takeoff and Quavo in the future. There are a lot of examples where the disbanded member come together to make music after some time when the beef gets settled down.

If Offset is really leaving Migos, then we are going to lose another talented hip-hop band forever.

As social media is a hub for rumors and controversies, these kinds of news should always be taken with a pinch of salt until the official statement comes out.

If the speculations are true, we will know more about the reason for their break-up after the dust gets settled.

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