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Famous Drummer Taylor Hawkins’ Friends Clarify Damning Comments On Last Day

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Taylor Hawkins is a famous drummer of the renowned band Foo Fighter who died in March at the age of 50. Investigators are examining the last months which he had spent with his band-mates.

Friends of Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Explains The Damning Comments Made During Last Day, See More!!

All these bandmates were called for an interview. In the interview, they told several things.

Famous Drummer Taylor Hawkins’ Friends Clarify Damning Comments On Last Day

The whole game before Hawkins’ death

On 25th March 2022, the band Foo Fighters were in Bagota, Columbia for their show but before ending the show of the month, he passed away in the hotel room.

As per the Columbian magazine Semana, the late iconic musician had suffered from a circulatory collapse and according to his close people, he was not sure about going on tour after the pandemic situation.

He was very confused about whether he could continue with the band if it continued to tour for three-four hour shows. At the same time, he never showed or expressed any complaints about the management of the band rather it was never heart-to-heart.

One of the iconic drummers like Matt Camerton stated that Hawkins didn’t want to do it longer.

Band-mates opinion 

According to the close insiders of the band, Hawkins shared his discomfort with the scheduled journey with Dave Grohl. Cameron has told that he had a heart-to-heart relationship with Dave and Hawkins himself said that he could not fucking do it anymore.

Thus Cameron thought that they came to a point of understanding but things were not actually like this, rather it went crazier after that. But the band representatives have denied it.

Smith, one of his fellows said that at the end of the year 2021 he suddenly became unconscious on the plane and it is claimed that he was exhausted, collapsed, and kind of stuff. What Hawkins just told that he can’t do any more with it. Smith continued by saying that as he didn’t want to continue with the schedule, they together just tried to find out the way out.

What has been written in Rolling Stone?

In the interview with Rolling Stone, the members of Foo Fighters said that though there was an issue with the schedule, he never made a complaint. Cameron stated that he intended to be a part of the article Rolling-Stone as he assumed that it would be the celebration of Hawkins’s life and work but his statement was shaped in such a way that he never wanted to.

He added that Taylor was one of his dearest friends and an amazing artist at the next level. He had never thought that things would go such a way and he showed his apologies for his participation in the interview that somehow caused to harm those persons whom he respects and admires deeply.

Cameron showed his hearty grief to Hawkins’ family and friends in the field of music for the pain that has caused due to the death of Hawkins. Hawkins dies on the 25th of march but till now no cause of his death has been released. But 10 drugs have been found in his system.

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