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The Boys, What IS Wrong With Homelander In Season 3?

Homelander’s origins set the principles for an honestly damaged character. He became raised from delivery in a lab to be the world’s finest superhero. He by no means had any parental bonds, and bloodless Vought scientists continuously examined his powers.

What Will Happen To Homelander In The Boys Season 3? Find Out More!!

Throughout The Boys there are  Homelander personas on display; one personality is the clean-reduced superhero loved by the public, and the opposite is the homicidal monster who privately receives away with murder.

Vought has protected up several diabolical crimes devoted through Homelander, consisting of mass murder, assault, and worldwide terrorism.

Since he by no means receives caught, and no person ever-demanding situations his powers, Homelander’s feeling of entitlement and ego has grown to be his defining attribute. He honestly believes himself to be advanced to all different beings.

Why Homelander Is So Different in The Boys Season three

To apprehend why Homelander is so unique in The Boys season three, it’s miles important to devise how his character’s scenario modified from the start of The Boys season 1 to the cease of season 2.

At the start of The Boys season 2, Homelander sooner or later had the whole lot he wanted, which includes limitless get right of entry to his son Ryan and an unassailable public image.

Yet through the cease of the season, Homelander is blackmailed by Queen Maeve with video photos of his involvement withinside the crash of Transoceanic flight 37, pressured to cede manipulate of the Seven to Queen Maeve and Starlight, surrender Ryan to his enemy Billy Butcher, and notice his unstable lover Stormfront dismembered in the front of him.

In this way, through the cease of The Boys season 2, Homelander had misplaced manipulation over the Seven, his son, and his indestructible ego was outsmarted.

These crushing defeats altered the whole lot Homelander believed approximately himself and took away the whole lot he cared approximately, negatively him psychologically, and that is why he behaves so in a different way withinside the Boys season three trailer as a person with not anything left to lose.

How Homelander’s Problems Will Impact the Boys Season three

In The Boys season three, Homelander will need to address the general public fallout of his dating with Stormfront and faux to be remorseful for his involvement, as proven withinside the Prime Video trailer.

Not best that, Homelander will in the end find out Billy Butcher can quickly advantage superpowers, and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) may also assist Butcher’s team.

As a result, Homelander may also in the end attain his breaking factor and start looking down on everybody he sees as a chance irrespective of the repercussions. This is to mention not anything of the reality that Homelander could be managing everyday reminders of his humiliating defeat, to surely take its toll on Homelander’s fragile ego and push him in the direction of the brink.

This can already be visible gambling out in The Boys season three trailer as he begins offevolved speak to himself withinside the reflect and hallucinating. Before Homelander became overconfident, however now that self-assurance has been shaken, there may be no telling what violent moves he’s going to soak up and try to regain a perceived experience of manipulation in his life.

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