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NCIS, A Twist Is Going To Take Place Between Jimmy Palmer And Jessica Knight

Brain Dietzen premises that the final season will conceal the ‘a direction’ between Palmer and Knight. A major spoiler is going to be given in this content. The question which is raised among fans is whether the fight will go on to bring Dr. Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight together?

NCIS Update!! A Twist Is Finally Going To Happen Between Jimmy Palmer And Jessica Knight

It looks like the erotic scene will not be seen between them on NCIS. But there are high chances for a better ending in the last two episodes rather than in the previous episode “All or Nothing”. 

Glimpse of the last episodes

In the last episode, named “All or Nothing”, the two, Jimmy and Jessica, take a high risk to deliver the organ to the patient who was in need of it, which ends with bloodshed. Though both characters were on their way to survival, during their journey they felt for each other and also expressed their feelings for each other.

As Knight was scared of losing the friendship, so she did not go further with it. But Jimmy encouraged her by saying not to avoid it entirely. After that, Knight asked for a coffee date and then Knight confessed that she didn’t want to lose her friendly relationship with Jimmy. 

Spoiler has given by Brain Dietzen

Last year, Brain Dietzen celebrated the milestone of the series with his team and narrated his thoughts about where Jimmy and Knight would stand after the coffee date at the end of episode 18. 

The incident was explained by Brain in such a way that Knight might not propose to him in a very conventional way. Rather, instead of that, she would ask him for a cup of coffee. As long as they continued their conversation, everything would be good and they kept talking. 

Is there any hope that Knight can expect?

From the beginning of the series, fans remained testier of various love stories which ended in a tragic way or few were successful in the love life. For instance, we can say that Jimmy experienced a happy married life with his wife Beena, but later, a tragedy came in their way of happiness when he lost his wife.

On the other hand, McGee and Delilah continued their happy life. As Jimmy had already experienced the tragedy after happiness, thus it can be expected that the pair could be optimistic.

Brain said that he felt more for the couple, Jimmy and Jessica, on NCIS, as when Jimmy lost his wife, it was quite a heart-touching moment for him. But with the flow of time, jimmy seemed to love again.

Brain Dietzen stated that he can’t say anything more about it, but the only thing he can say is that a little bit is yet to be said by Knight in the next episodes. Fans need to have patience with the upcoming episodes.

Lesion from the character Jimmy 

Brain again said Jimmy may be the only character in the series who delivers a message that, for the last few years, Jimmy struggled through the toughest times in his life but he still remains optimistic all the time. 

How the story will arrive at the end is not mentioned. But before it ends, the story will bring a twist that fans are perhaps waiting for.

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