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“Johnny Depp Could Kill Me As He Squeezed My Neck”, Says Amber Heard In Court, See More

Amber heard, being the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, claimed and filed a case against Johnny Depp for domestic violence. It has been years since the case has been running as Johnny said that it’s a defamation case from his side.

In Court, Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Could Kill Her If He Squeezed Her Neck, Read More

In the last hearing, they both told their story depending on their own perspective. But in the progress of the case, many incidents are taking place in front of people. At every moment, the case is disclosing a new chapter.

Allegations against Johnny Depp

Various allegations have been claimed against the actor Johnny that he has a psychological disorder as he is plagued by drug addiction, self-harm, and jealousy.

For instance, Ms. Heard told a story that happened to her when they were married that he always wanted Heard to quit the job with James Franco as he intensely hated him and she was always alleged to have been in a relationship with James in her past life.

One day Johnny slapped her face and kicked her in the back and at that very moment, she was just blank without having any idea of what to do.

Ms. Heard has been accused of some heinous acts

As the case moves forward, new incidents are manifested against each other. Till now, things are told against Johnny, but Johnny also testified that about six years ago, Heard did some heinous acts against him.

She made a roundhouse punch on his face and she threw a large bottle toward him. Though in the early stage of their marriage, it seemed like a happy married life, things went wrong.

Experts’ opinion about Johnny’s mental health

Supporting Ms. Heard, the experts said that as per the report, the conjecture of Ms heard is correct. Actor Johnny is the victim of two diseases, borderline personality disorder and another is histrionic personality disorder.

They also said that Ms. Heard was at the stage of post-traumatic disorder due to this violence because during their arguments, unlike a normal person, he would self-harm like he used to cut his arms with a knife and putting cigarettes on himself.

More incidents regarding the case

Ms. Heard testified that she truly loved him but it became quite difficult for her to deal with the violence as she was physically abused and beaten brutally but she tried hard to stay with him.

After getting married in 2015, when they were on their way on honeymoon, on the Orient Express he attacked her and squeezed her neck in the compartment. At that very moment, she felt like he could kill her. She got a divorce in 2017.

She once again repeated that their earlier married life was full of love and care, but things started to be worse when domestic violence and jealousy became a part of their conjugal life.

On Monday, a few clips of the couple’s arguments have been heard where Ms. Heard is heard saying that she hit him but didn’t punch him. Johnny Depp claimed that this case of defamation has immensely ruined all his reputation and career as well. Ms. Heard asked $100 m for countersuing.

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