Ex-Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez Snoozes Next To New Girlfriend During Match

Ex-Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez Snoozes Next To New Girlfriend During Mavericks-Suns Game 7

Yankees ex-stars Alex Rodriguez and his new girlfriend were spotted together at the Mavericks Suns Game. The couple was seen talking to each other passionately before the NBA Basketball Western Conference playoff’s Semifinals.

During Mavericks-Suns Game 7, Alex Rodriguez Snoozes Next To His New Girlfriend, Find Out More!!

Alex Rodriguez’s snooze moment where he was spotted snoozing peacefully and her new girlfriend was spotted telling him something to which he wasn’t replying anything since he was in sleep.

Ex-Yankees Star Alex Rodriguez Snoozes Next To New Girlfriend During Mavericks-Suns Game 7

Alex Rodriguez who is considered one of the best former baseball shortstop and third baseman has previously played for 22 seasons in which he had performed well. Apart from being a sportsman, he is also a businessman and a philanthropist.

Alex Rodriguez was seen dozing before the start of the match and the clips went viral on Twitter. After this, he was seen talking to his new girlfriend Kathrynne Padgett. Yahoo sports posted the videos on Twitter after which it got a huge number of likes and retweets.

Kathrynne Padgett was spotted once before with Alex Rodriguez in the NFC Players divisional game which was played between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers at the Lambeau Field. 

The NLB also posted a video of Alex Rodriguez on Twitter with a woman who is reportedly called mystery woman Twitter. She was wearing a black hat and hence her face wasn’t visible clearly in the video.

Even Alex Rodriguez posted a video on Twitter where he didn’t show a glimpse of his date but was seen yelling with a fan “Yeah! Let’s go Cheese” and much more.

The mystery woman somewhere appears to be Kathrynne Padgett as there were some posts on her Instagram feed where it was matching up with the broadcast clips. As of now, Padgett has somewhere around 5000 followers on Instagram.

Now since she was spotted with Alex Rodriguez her following on Instagram is a sure thing to increase very soon.

Alex had been previously in relationships with Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. His relationship status grabbed more headlines for him rather than his performance in the sports he used to play. He is involved in many high-profile romances in the past and now he was reportedly spotted with his new girlfriend Kathrynne Padgett. 

 Who is Kathrynne Padgett?

We already told you about her Instagram page where she has somewhere around 5000 followers till this article is written. Her Instagram bio says that she hails from Dallas. She calls herself NPC Competitor. NPC means National Physique committee which is an amateur physique organization. In simple words, you can call this a section of bodybuilding.

Padgett is also the Nutrition Director for Doyle Sports performance which is a famous baseball training academy in Atlanta. Alex Rodriguez is listed as an alumnus in the list of Doyle’s Sports academy.

Kathrynne Padgett also congratulated Mark Cuban after his victory in the Dallas Game 7. Padgett and Rodriguez had been spotted along the courtside where they were reportedly present to support the Timberwolves whose franchise the ESPN analyst co-owns.

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